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Membership Terms of Use

Article 1 Objective

This contract stipulates terms and general procedures for usingwww.dakwahyu.com(service hereafter), provided by agrotrade.net(agrotrade hereafter).

Article 2 Validity and Changes

(1) This contract comes into effect when a customer on the creates ahomepage through agrotrade and agrotrade provides the service to thecustomer.If agrotrade changes its terms of service, it will notify customersof the changes in service,rather than individual customers.

(2) Customers may stop using the service and withdraw their membershipif they do not agree to the changes in the terms of service.If customers choose continue to using the service provided byagrotrade, they are considered to be in agreement with the changesin the terms of service.

Article 3 Privacy Policy

(1) Agrotrade respects and protects the privacy of its members (customersof the service), as specified in the related laws of the Republic ofKorea.

(2) Agrotrade can use information about some of or all the members forstatistical purposes for its agrotrade related operations.

Article 4 Conclusion of Contract

(1) Users are considered to agree to the terms of service when they signthe registration form. Those who want to use the agrotrade serviceshould submit detailed information, including private information,to agrotrade.

(2) The contract is concluded when agrotrade accepts the users'request to end use of the service.

(3) Upon the acceptance, agrotrade will provide Member' ID and otherinformation to the members.

Article 5 Registration

Registration can be made on-line or by other format, a specified byagrotrade. The following items should be provided sincerely andcorrectly.

(1) ID
(2) password
(3) name
(4) date of birth and resident registration number
(5) address and e-mail address
(6) telephone and fax numbers
(7) pictures of products, etc.

Article 6 Acceptance of Using the Service

(1) Agrotrade decides whether applicants are eligible to becomemembers of the service according to the content of theirregistration.

(2) Agrotrade restricts the acceptance of membership if the followingoccur, and can reserve acceptance until they are settled.
a. lack of capacity of service related facility
b. technical failure
c. other matters that agrotrade finds necessary

(3) Agrotrade will not approve membership in the followings situations.
a. if the applicants use false names or alias.
b. if they apply for the membership using the names of others.
c. if they provide false information on the registration form.
d. if they apply in order to disturb the public well-beingand law and order.
e. if they do not meet the requirements of the membership.

Article 7 Changes

(1) If there is any change in member information, i.e. a change in theregistration form contents, they should put the renewed informationon-line.

(2) Agrotrade can change the members' ID if it sees necessary, or upon therequest of the members.

Article 8 Obligation of Members

(1) Members should obey related laws, contracts and other regulations,provided by agrotrade and they should not interfere with the service.

(2) Members are responsible for the handling their IDs and passwords.They are responsible for any consequences caused by mishandling ormisuse of their IDs and passwords. If members interfere with theservice, they should compensate agrotrade for damages.

(3) Members must not the transfer their rights to use the service or otherrights as the service members to others.

(4) Members should report to agrotrade if they use their IDs in an unlawfulmanner and they must log off when they finish using the service.

(5) Members agree to receive e-mail messages from agrotrade related to theservice.

(6) Members agree as follows:
a. Members should not use other members' IDs in an unlawful manner.
b. Members should not use the information provided by the service forother purposes.
c. Members should not violate the intellectual rights or other rightsof agrotrade or third parties.
d. Members should not circulate information, statements, or others thatdisturb the public well-being and public law and order.
e. Members should not harm people in any way or form.
f. Members should not counterfeit sources of news or information inorder to disguise them on the bulletin board
g. Members should not send out unnecessary and unauthorized e-mailmessages, advertisements, sales promotions, junk mail, SPAM, chainletters, etc.
h. Members should not disturb or interfere with the service or theserver or network that connects the service; they should observerequirements, procedures and stipulations of the service relatednetwork.
i. Members should not collect or save the personal information aboutother members.
j. Members should not violate the terms and related laws of theRepublic of Korea.

Article 9 Use of Service

(1) This service is provided free of charge. Agrotrade will notify usersin advance if it decides to charge for the service.

(2) Users agree not to hold agrotrade responsible for timelyinappropriateness or the loss of content or service, or for notsaving individual content, communications, environments (on-line) orothers.

(3) Users agree that agrotrade can restrict the following services.

These include the maximum storage duration for offers, e-mails,and others, the number of offers and e-mails that the service can sendand receive the maximum capacity of messages that the service can sendand receive and the maximum number of connections to the service at agiven time. Users agree not to hold agrotrade responsible for the lossof saved messages in the service.

(4) This service is linked with other related sites. In this case,users agree that agrotrade does not take any responsibility for thereliability of information provided by those sites. In addition, theyagree that users cannot hold agrotrade responsible for damages incurredby using those services.

Article 10 Bulletin Board for the Users (Members)

The goal of this service is to promote the trade of agricultural products.Agrotrade may delete contents on the bulletin board with no prior notice...

(1) if the contents violate public law and order and related Laws of theRepublic of Korea.

(2) if they have no relation to the promotion or trade of agriculturalproducts.

(3) if they are about products not approved for import and export.

(4) if the notice exceeds the time limit set by agrotrade.

(5) if other content is considered to be in violation of the laws of theRepublic of Korea.

Article 11 Use and Responsibility of the Bulletin Board

The rights of the information on the bulletin board are as follows:

(1) Those who post information on the bulletin board should be responsibleand are not allowed to use it for other than the promotional purposeof trade.

(2) Users must not fabricate or sell information, posted on the bulletinboard.

(3) Agrotrade is not responsible for the accuracy or quality of theinformation that appears on the bulletin board. It states that doingbusiness with unknown parties could be dangerous.

Article 12 Time of Using the Service

The service is provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year unless seriousoperational or technical problems occur at agrotrade.Yet the days or hours of periodic maintenance, set by agrotrade, areexceptional.

Article 13 Discontinuance of Service

(1) Agrotrade can discontinue service if the following occur:
a. if repairs or maintenance of the service facility is necessary.b. if incidents beyond control, i.e. forces of nature occur.

(2) Agrotrade can discontinue the service if a state of national emergency,blackout, technical failure, sharp increase in service use, etc.occurs.

Article 14 Termination of Contract and Restriction of Use

1. If members wish to terminate this contract, they should apply fortermination 7 days prior to the date of termination though theservice or by e-mail.

2. Agrotrade can terminate the contract or suspend the service,
a. if users use others' ID and passwords.
b. if they purposely interfere with the service.
c. if they provide false information on the registration form.
d. if they do not actively participate in or carry out unsatisfactoryperformance after registration.
e. if they do not observe the terms and guidelines set by agrotrade.

Article 15 Exemption Clause

This service is to promote trade among users on the internet, hence theusers themselves should be responsible for the trade.

1. The user agrees that agrotrade is not responsible for the reliabilityand accuracy of the information on the bulletin board or for anyloss or damages that incur to the users.

2. The users agree to exempt agrotrade and its employees from anylegal demand, including legal fees, from a third party.

3. The users agree that agrotrade is not responsible for the users and the third parties if itcorrects stops or suspends the service, set by agrotrade.

Article 16 Others

1. If a lawsuit between members and agrotrade is filed, a competent courtis in Seoul, Korea.

2. A lawsuit and legal papers should be filed within a year from the daywhen the cause of the lawsuit occurs and afterwards, the lawsuit shouldnot be filed.

3. The Electric Communications Basis Law, Electric CommunicationsBusiness Law and other related laws should handle matters not specifiedin the articles of the contract.

Article 17 Reference

For further inquires; please refer to webmaster@agrotrade.net(additional clause)The contract will go into effect, beginning Jan. 1, 2001.