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Privacy Policy

Information regarding the collection and use of personal information

the aT Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corporation wishes to collect, use, and provide your personal information in the manner described below while strictly complying with the Personal Information Protection Act. The personal information and documents submitted with the individual’s consent will be safely destroyed after its period of possession/use has expired.

Personal information items to be collected and used

1. Essential Items: Nationality, Type of Transaction, Company Name, Name, Email, Phone Number, ID, Password

2. Optional Items: Department, Job Title, Alternate Email, Mobile Phone

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

Member managempersonal information possession

use period

Right to withhold consent till the withdrawal of membership & penalties in case of refusal to give consent

You may refuse to give your consent to the collection of your personal information. If you refuse consent to the collection and use of essential personal information, however, you will be restricted from applying for membership in the desired business and use of services.