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    ?????? (Fried & Seasoned Pollack Skin)
    We have 4 different flavors of Fried & Seasoned Pollack Skin: Original Fried & Seasoned Pollack Skin: sweet and salty flavor; Wasabi Fried & Seasoned Pollack Skin: wasabi flavor added; Barbecue Fried & Seasoned Pollack Skin: barbecue flavor added; Onion Fried & Seasoned Pollack Skin: onion flavor added
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    Roasted Seaweed (Sushi Nori)
    Sushi Nori: Our sushi nori is roasted twice and has a crispy texture. We have a robust food safety management system in place that meets the requirements of our customers. Currently selling more than 24 countries.
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    Seaweed Snack (Roasted & Seasoned Seaweed Snack)
    Seaweed Snacks: Seasoned and roasted laver using high quality seaweed (Raw material) collected directly from the clean water of South Korea’s west coast. It is nutritious healthy and delicious product.
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    Roasted Unagi(Prebaked eels / Kabayaki)
    We are a trade based fishery distribution and fishery food processing company. We have been specializing in the distribution of freshwater and marine seafood for fresh fish, refrigerated, frozen and processed products for over 20 years, and have played a leading role in the field. Based on our long-standing trust, we are trying to distribute safe foods through a lot of hands-on experience and know-how, and to promote Korean excellent products to the world's diet. Our product is the (seasoned) roasted eels which is based on Anguilla anguilla species. Anguilla anguilla(European eel) is one of the most highly prefered eels with excellent chewing feeling and nutrition, so it is a very popular food material in many countries. In the EU, European eel is classified as an endangered species, so it was banned to export outside of the EU, and making efforts to limit fishing. Despite of the most preferred freshwater eel for Sushi, due to the restrictions on commercial transactions, only the limited quantity is imported under strict control from some Mediterranean countries. As our company has been firstly importing European eels(A. Anguilla) into Korea, we are proceeding proper(formal) importation after obtaining strict “CITES” permit. Recently, we also constructed eel farm in Egypt and are expecting the stable supply for markets. 1. Excellent taste ‘Crispy’ outside but ‘So soft’ inside~! 2. Non-antibiotic healthy eels Organic healthy eels that have never used antibiotics(chemicals) for more than 10 years since fish farming was established. 3. No thorns worry Very little and soft thorns, even children can eat without fear. 4. Rich unsaturated fatty acids(Omega 3) Comparing with other species, it has more omega 3, which is very useful for our body. It also has mouthful softness and one of the most flavor preferred eel species.

    Original Red Snowcrab Cream 80g/400g
    ? Original Red Snow Crab Cream Made up of genuine brown meat of Korean red snow crab. Experience Fresh and deep taste of red snow crab Incl. 92.5% of red snow crab brown meat (Extracts) It goes well with Hot Rice, Kimbob, Ramian and Sushi Visuals EASY to Consume, For single dish Small capsule like unit, fits to various kind of dish. Whatever you cook, just add Red Snow Crab Cream to enhance the crab taste. Suggested food. - Korean Bibimbab - Ramian - Chinese Crab Dish - Thai BuPadpong Curry - Japanese Sushi - and so more... Taste for Joy! ?
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    frozen penshell scallop slice(3mm/6mm)
    Founded in 2009, Seohae Kijogae Fisheries Union Corporation started as a pen shell processing company and has expanded business areas to agricultural and marine food manufacture using local resources. In 2013, we built our own local production factory in Boryeong, Chungnam, obtained HACCP Certification, and registered at Fisheries’ Production & Processing Facilities to begin production of eco-friendly natural food. In addition, we obtained license to use pen shell-related patent of the Korea Food Research Institute (KFRI), and produce high quality pen shell food. Customers can find our products at department stores, large retail stores, and our homepage. We always put hygiene and sanitation standards, and food safety first, and strive to provide quality, fresh and convenient products to customers. Food ingredient, which was offered to kings from older eras. They have been loved by many people because they are soft, light and nutritious. Pen shells are called "kijogae" in Korea. This word comes from two sources, "ki" (winnowing tools in ancient Korea) and "jogae" (the pronunciation of shells in Korea) because they look like the winnowing tools. Pen shell scallops are effective for a balanced diet, as well as combating fatigue, lowering cholesterol, preventing diabetes. They also aid in healthy child development because they are rich in zinc, taurine, folic acid, vitamins, iron, and other nutrients. Pen shells are expensive because it is difficult to gather them in the mud deep in the water (sometimes 20 to 50 meters deep). They are caught in the months other than July and August, which is the closed season. Seohae Kijogae Fisheries Union Corporation has kept the finest and highest quality in the world just by using the best pen shells available. Sliced for Better Taste and Texture Golden Thickness of 6mm for Preventing Moisture Loss and Protecting Soft Texture After Thawing 3mm Mat Mussel for Perfect Harmony with Other Ingredients. -40 Degree Quick Freezing for Original Taste and Freshness Quick Freezing for Keeping Taste and Nutrition of Fat Mussel in Most Fresh Condition. We Deliver Freshness and Nutrition of Sea to Your Table.
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    Winter Dried Pollack Snack
    ? Deli Hwang is a healthy snack made from Alaska Pollack. ? This is a high-protein, low-calorie product, so it's good for diet. ? It is more delicious if you eat it with mayo. ? Many Koreans like to drink beer with it. ? It has 4 flavour (Original Flavour, Honey butter, Coconut Flavour, Hot spicy Flavour)
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    ChunHaJangSa Sausage
    It is Jinju’s representative fish meat sausage brand that carries the history of Korea’s premium fish sausages. It is an overwhelmingly top market share product. -Fish sausage sales has been accumulated 1.2 trillion won since its first release on Aug,1985. -Based on 15g sticks, 11.9 billion sticks has been sold. -220 millions of Pollack meat has been used to make fish sausages until now.
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    Roasted Seaweed Laver
    Premium quality of Roasted Seaweed Laver (Sushi Nori) 230g~280g Full size /Half Cut 5sheets/ 10sheets/ 20sheets / 30sheets / 50sheets / 100sheets