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Nutritious, Bite-Sized

Nutritious, Bite-Sized1
Nutritious, Bite-Sized1

Nongmin Food Succeeds in Developing a Mini Sweet Potato Product: Small Size but Same Taste and Nutrition
as a Regular
Sweet Potato
Easy to Have,
Just like Ice Cream
or Another Snack…Keen Interest from Foreign Buyers


processed sweet potato product was recently developed that keeps the taste and nutrition of the sweet potato intact but is a finger sized snack. It is attracting a lot of attention from foreign buyers and consumers. Since the product doesn’t use any artificial additives such as chemical seasonings, it is good as a wholesome snack. This superb product is Mini Sweet Potato, produced by Nongmin Food Co., Ltd.








Popular as a Snack for Children Because It Contains No Artificial Additives…Suitable for People on a Diet and as a Meal Replacement

Mini Sweet Potato of Nongmin Food is thumb-sized. It is a processed sweet potato food with the taste and shape of a sweet potato. The inside part is made of chestnut sweet potato (bam-goguma in Korean). On the outside, it is covered with the powder of purple sweet potato (jasaek-goguma in Korean), which is rich in the natural color anthocyan. Because there’s no need to peel the product, you can eat it right away. It is a frozen food, so you can have it instead of ice cream or defrost it to room temperature and eat it as a snack. You can also heat it in a microwave and have it hot. Mini Sweet Potato products come in three types: Chestnut Sweet Potato, Purple Sweet Potato, and Banana Sweet Potato. Mini Coco-Sweet Potato, to which coconut powder is added, is expected to come on the market soon. The distribution period of Mini Sweet potato products is about nine months. It is packaged in boxes offered in several sizes―240g, 1kg, and 2kg.
Mr. Lee Heung-soo, President of Nongmin Food, explains, “Our Mini Sweet Potato products can be used in many ways as snacks and as ingredients for cooking. We are mainly supplying them as high-end desserts to hotels, as snacks to kindergartens, and as ingredients to restaurants. They also come as part of school meals. The products are particularly popular as children’s snacks because they keep the taste and nutrition of the sweet potato and don’t use artificial additives. In online shopping malls, the products are in demand from female consumers as a diet food and from office workers who substitute meals with Mini Sweet Potato.”
In the first half of this year, Nongmin Food is planning to start manufacturing a new mini sweet potato product that can be stored at room temperature. In fact, the original frozen mini sweet potato product ran into several difficulties due to the storage and distribution conditions it requires. But the new mini sweet potato product will overcome this problem. Nongmin Food anticipates that with the new product it will be able to extend its distribution routes to convenience stores and supermarkets. In addition, exporting will become easier.







How the Bite-sized, Snack-type Processed Sweet Potato Product Was Developed

Mini Sweet Potato started with a sparkling idea of Mr. Lee. Sweet potatoes are now cultivated as an edible plant in about 110 countries, but he found that there are few processed foods at home and overseas that make it easy to consume sweet potatoes. Mr. Lee put in over five years of efforts to develop a processed sweet potato product that would be as convenient to eat as a common snack. In the end, he was able to create Mini Sweet Potato.
Mr. Lee says, “At that time, there were no manufacturing techniques or facilities suitable to produce mini sweet potatoes in Korea or abroad. I didn’t know what to do. So I became a devout reader of a variety of food science books and asked food experts for advice. After much trial and error, we finally developed the production facilities for making Mini Sweet Potato. We also obtained an HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certificate last year. Because our products are manufactured in clean and safe production facilities, we are confident in the quality and food safety.”







Foreign Buyers Place a High Market Value on Mini Sweet Potato

The Mini Sweet Potato products of Nongmin Food are getting a good response overseas. Many foreign buyers evaluated the products as having a high market value. There was an interesting episode related to the product: some foreign buyers who tasted the product for the first time mistook it for a new type of sweet potato. That’s how novel the idea is.
Nongmin Food started exporting Mini Sweet Potato products to the US, Canada, and the UK in 2012. The company recently made a royalty contract with a famous Chinese food producer regarding the manufacturing technique of Mini Sweet Potato products. Foreign buyers―including those from Japan, Singapore, and Dubai―also expressed their interest in importing Mini Sweet Potato and Nongmin Food is currently negotiating export agreements with them.
Mr. Lee shared his ambitions, “Our Mini Sweet Potato products receive a lot of attention from buyers in China especially, where the demand for food products for children is steadily rising. We also get many inquiries from Japan, which is known as a heaven for idea products. We are planning to continue developing different types of processed sweet potato products and actively cultivate the foreign market.”









Additional Information

Nongmin Food’s Rice Cake Products for Topokki

Nongmin Food is also producing rice cake products for topokki (stir-fried rice cake). It offers six different types, among them the most popular are Sweet Potato Topokki (with delicious sweet potato), Sweet Pumpkin Topokki (with healthy sweet pumpkin), and Cheese Topokki (with extra chewiness thanks to mozzarella cheese). These products can be eaten as a snack without any cooking: just heat them in a microwave for two minutes.
Other rice cake products are also acquiring a good response from consumers. Punctured Rice Cake has a hole in the center of each cake, so seasonings can penetrate well. Rice Cake of Various Shapes, just as its name suggests, is made up of pieces of rice cake that have unusual shapes, such as stars or hearts. That way consumers have more fun both looking at the dish and eating it.

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New Product/Technology Introduction
A New-Style Healthy Snack Wins the Heart of Chloe Grace Moretz     As part of the trend for healthy living styles, snacks that keep the original taste of their ingredients, are nutritious, and do not contain additives are a big hit in Korea. One of the popular products is Sweet Potato CHEW. The soft strips of dried sweet potato, made by steaming sweet potatoes without other additives, became a bestseller soon after its release. The product even captivated the taste buds of a Hollywood star. Last year, during her trip to Korea, Chloe Grace Moretz posted her experiences on her Instagram by the hour. One of the posts shows Sweet Potato CHEW. Below the picture the actress typed, “First time trying these dried sweet potato chews, but they’re really healthy and delicious. Love it.”Sweet Potato CHEW is produced by Jeongsim Food Co., Ltd. and distributed by Daesang Chungjungone. Let us find out more about Jeongsim Food.The First in the Field to Introduce Automated Facilities Located in Gangjin County, South Jeolla Province (which is famous for sweet potatoes), Jeongsim Food was founded in 2012. Despite being relatively new in the industry, the company has the largest production line of soft dried sweet potato in the country. Mr. Jin Gyeong-hak, CEO of Jeongsim Food, explains, “We started as an agricultural corporation purchasing sweet potatoes. When we first made soft dried sweet potato strips, we did it by hand and used potatoes that had no commercial value since they were too big or had a funny shape. We gave the packs of strips as bonus gifts to our best customers. The freebies received a very positive response and we decided to focus on their commercialization.”That is when Jeongsim Food signed cultivation contracts with sweet potato farmers and started building a factory. Mr. Jin said, “When we started this company, the manufacturing process for soft dried sweet potato in Korea was in the form of a cottage industry. From the beginning, we aimed at the global market, so we installed a modern automation system and set up the best processing facilities in the country.”In other words, Jeongsim Food became the first company in Korea to obtain an automated production system for soft dried sweet potato.Sold Out on a Home Shopping Channel…OEM Agreement with Daesang Chungjungone Jeongsim Food Co., Ltd. supplies most of its products to Home & Shopping (a home shopping channel), E-mart (a large network of hypermarkets), T’way Air and Eastar Jet airlines, and Daesang Chungjungone. All those companies approached Jeongsim Food after learning, through the word-of-mouth, that the ingredients are carefully selected and the products are made in state-of-the-art processing facilities.     When Jeongsim Food’s sweet potato strips appeared on Home & Shopping for the first time, they were sold out in just 40 minutes.Exporting Soft Dried Sweet Potato to Japan, a Country Known for Advanced Food Manufacturing Technology Soon after Jeongsim Food started supplying its products to Daesang Chungjungone through an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) agreement, it was swarmed with inquiries from overseas buyers who were interested in the product because of the ease of storing and distributing it. Normally, fresh and processed sweet potatoes cause problems for long-term distribution since they spoil easily at room temperature. In contrast, Jeongsim Food’s product can be stored at room temperature for 8 months even though it does not use any additives. The secret is in the unique production process. Jeongsim Food had put much effort into developing a processing method that would enable the long-term storage of the product. After numerous trials and errors, the company succeeded in this endeavor and obtained a patent for the method early this year.     High food safety is another strong point of Jeongsim Food’s products. The producer pays particular attention to hygiene and applies the CIP (cleaning in place) system. All of the hygienic facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―possess HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point), ISO9001, and ISO22000 certifications. Based on these skills and facilities, Jeongsim Food has been able to make products of excellent quality and export them overseas. Particularly significant is its entry to the Japanese market since Japan is renowned for its advanced technology in soft dried sweet potato manufacturing. Next year, the sweet potato strips will be sold in a Japanese convenience store chain (Ministop). Moreover, the product has reached halal markets (Malaysia and Indonesia) by obtaining a halal certification (JAKIM) in June this year. Negotiations for export to the US and Europe are under way.   
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