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Aronia juice

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Aronia juice1
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Aronia is… 
Aronia is known to have the highest amount of anthocyanin among various berries including elderberry, raspberry and blueberry. 
According to the results of a USDA comparative research on the content of anthocyanin by berries, aronia was found to to contain 1480mg of anthocyanin per 100g.  
As its anthocyanin content is almost four-times higher than that of raspberry (92mg per 100g) and blueberry (386mg per 100g), aronia shows diversified efficacy based on high anthocyanin content.


•Capacity: 70ml X 50 pouches / box 
- Use of directly cultivated aronia fruits 
   -  It is manufactured only in production at ISO22000-certified facilities, using only the aronia berries produced in a pollution-free farming method.      
•Shelf life: One year from the date of production 
•Storage Method: Room temperature or cold storage 
•Recommended daily consumption:  
   Mix a pouch of concentrate with fruit juice on a daily basis

Additional Information

Price Price Condition FOB
Size(Pre-packed) Length 15 Width 10 Height 0.4 Size Unit Centimeters Weight 0.07 Weight Unit Kilograms
Packaging 29*15*22 Length 29 Width 15 Height 14 Size Unit Centimeters Weight 380 Weight Unit Grams
Delivery Lead Time 15day
Minimum Order 70ml X 30pouch/ box X 50Box
Supply Ability 1days 50Box
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