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Hojeongga Nuts Roasted Chashew Nuts 180g

Hojeongga Nuts Roasted Chashew Nuts 180g1
Hojeongga Nuts Roasted Chashew Nuts 180g2
Hojeongga Nuts Roasted Chashew Nuts 180g1
Hojeongga Nuts Roasted Chashew Nuts 180g2

Volume / Qty

Please store in a low-humidity, low temperature location away from direct sunlight, and consume as soon as possible after opening.


Made in

Republic of Korea


Expiration date
12 months from the manufacturing date


Product Composition
Roasted Chashew Nuts


Product Features
Fine nuts rich in vitamin K, copper, and magnesium iron, which is particularly good for growing children and women


Nutrition Facts / Food Allergens

Item Name Net Contents Calories Na Carbs Sugars Fat Trans Fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Protein Allergens
Roasted Chashew Nuts Not applicable
* Standards of Nutritional Facts : Per Total Content
* The % DVs on the nutrition facts label is based on 2,000kcal, so it may be different according to individual calorie needs.


Hojeong Food Co., Ltd._ The enterprise that leads the future of well-being food culture

Hojeong Food is the enterprise of producing, distributing, and selling clean and safe Korean food such as Hangwa, the Korean traditional sweets and cookies, rice taffy, grain syrup, nut products, and more.

Hojeong Food was founded in 1990 and has been proudly producing various traditional foods, such as Changpyeong Hangwa, Changpyeong rice taffy, rice and grain syrups, and more, in an excellent quality with over 30 years of the production based on the traditional techniques transferred to the third generation. The enterprise produces and distributes Hojeongga nuts with their natural nutrition as well.

We believe our clean and nutritious Korean traditional food with natural ingredients should be the new leading food in the well-being food culture. Hojeong Food will initiate the future for Korean traditional food with constant research development, constructing the industry-leading hygienic automation equipment, and also will lead the healthy food culture of modern people.



Hojeongga Nuts_ Nuts and Seeds

Hojeongga Nuts are small, yet they are worthy for your healthy life style. Hojeongga Nuts is the premium brand made with know-how with the food production technology that has been built up by Yoo Young-Gun, the 21st Korean food master through the third generation. Hojeongga Nuts, the nutritious repository from nature, presents the core values of the Hojeongga, which suggests healthier lifestyle for customers, with a better taste. It’s a distinguished premium nut product that is made with meticulously-selected, high-quality nuts with the wisdom of Korean food masters and grafted with our old food-production technology.




Address : 12, Wonyul-gil, Geumseong-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea (Zip Code : 57301)

Tel : 81-61-383-6446. Fax : 81-61-383-6447.

Website : www.hojeongfood.com

E-mail : hojeongfood@naver.com

Additional Information

Price Price USD 8.29 Price Condition EXW
Origin South of Korea
Size(Pre-packed) Width 65 Height 150 Size Unit Millimeters Weight 180 Weight Unit Grams
Company introduction
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Company Name Hojeong Food Co., Ltd.
Address 12, Wonyul-gil, Geumseong-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do   Hojeong Food Co., Ltd.   57301
Phone 82-61-383-6446
Fax 82-61-383-6447
Hompage URL www.hojeongfood.com
Contact Person Seong-kyu Ryu
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