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Changpyeong Hangwa (Korean Traditional Confectionery) Yugwa Set (Deep-fried Sweet Rice Cake) (1kg)

Changpyeong Hangwa (Korean Traditional Confectionery) Yugwa Set (Deep-fried Sweet Rice Cake) (1kg)1
Changpyeong Hangwa (Korean Traditional Confectionery) Yugwa Set (Deep-fried Sweet Rice Cake) (1kg)2
Changpyeong Hangwa (Korean Traditional Confectionery) Yugwa Set (Deep-fried Sweet Rice Cake) (1kg)1
Changpyeong Hangwa (Korean Traditional Confectionery) Yugwa Set (Deep-fried Sweet Rice Cake) (1kg)2


Volume / Qty


Please store in a low-humidity, low temperature location away from direct sunlight, and consume as soon as possible after opening.


Made in
Republic of Korea


Expiration date
6 months from the manufacturing date


Product Composition

Glutinous Rice Yugwa 500g * 2EA

Product Features

Affordable and Useful Gift Set - Soft crispy sweet rice puffs (Yugwa)

Nutrition Facts / Food Allergens

Item Name Net Contents Calories Na Carbs Sugars Fat Trans Fat Saturated Fat Cholesterol Protein Allergens
Glutinous Rice Yugwa 1,000g 4,096kcal 150mg
0.6g 18.6g
* Standards of Nutritional Facts : Per Total Content
* The % DVs on the nutrition facts label is based on 2,000kcal, so it may be different according to individual calorie needs.


Hojeong Food Co., Ltd._ The enterprise that leads the future of well-being food culture

Hojeong Food is the enterprise of producing, distributing, and selling clean and safe Korean food such as Hangwa, the Korean traditional sweets and cookies, rice taffy, grain syrup, nut products, and more.

Hojeong Food was founded in 1990 and has been proudly producing various traditional foods, such as Changpyeong Hangwa, Changpyeong rice taffy, rice and grain syrups, and more, in an excellent quality with over 30 years of the production based on the traditional techniques transferred to the third generation. The enterprise produces and distributes Hojeongga nuts with their natural nutrition as well.

We believe our clean and nutritious Korean traditional food with natural ingredients should be the new leading food in the well-being food culture. Hojeong Food will initiate the future for Korean traditional food with constant research development, constructing the industry-leading hygienic automation equipment, and also will lead the healthy food culture of modern people.



Changpyeong Hangwa_ Korean Traditional Confectionery

Changpyeong Hangwa is the pure, natural, and luxurious Korean traditional hangwa made by the delicate touch of a nationally recognized food master. Hangwa is our Korean traditional snack that originally made by the idea of old virtuous Korean ancestors for thousand years of its history. Changpyeong hangwa, made with 100% pure vegetable natural products, gifts nature’s elegant energy.




Address : 12, Wonyul-gil, Geumseong-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea (Zip Code : 57301)

Tel : 81-61-383-6446. Fax : 81-61-383-6447.

Website : www.hojeongfood.com

E-mail : hojeongfood@naver.com

Additional Information

Price Price USD 20.94 Price Condition EXW
Origin South of Korea
Materials sweet rice, soybean, wheat flour, grain syrup, etc
Size(Pre-packed) Length 200 Width 360 Height 290 Size Unit Millimeters Weight 1 Weight Unit Kilograms
Company introduction
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Company Name Hojeong Food Co., Ltd.
Address 12, Wonyul-gil, Geumseong-myeon, Damyang-gun, Jeollanam-do   Hojeong Food Co., Ltd.   57301
Phone 82-61-383-6446
Fax 82-61-383-6447
Hompage URL www.hojeongfood.com
Contact Person Seong-kyu Ryu
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The people who like Makeoli also make their own Makgeoli. However, it requires much time and labor to complete Makgeoli. Moreover, it is more difficult for the foreigners who like Makgeoli to make their own Makgeoli in their countries.So, Sangsaengchon Farming Corporation attracts the public attention by developing the Makgeoli kit for making Makgeoli conveniently and easily. Sangsaengchon also produces five-color fermented brown rice with full nutrients for breaking into the overseas markets. Sangsaengchon Turned Crisis into Opportunity Sangsaengchon is a farming corporation which about 50 green rice farmers organized in 2003. The farmers who paid more attention to environmental production got together. However, it is not easy to find the consumers of such environmental rice. At this time, they turned their eyes to the new rice market.  Finally, The Makgeoli and Doctor Rice (Five-color fermented brown rice) were born. CEO Han Sang-cheol said, “We started green farming thinking that, if we don’t use agricultural chemicals, natural environment can get back to the previous conditions. However, there were not many consumers for such green agricultural products. Therefore, we processed the remaining rice and developed the products such as Makgeoli kit”. The Makgeoli, a Makgeoli kit, was started from the idea, “Let’s enable anyone to make fresh Makgeoli easily”. The idea was enough fresh to win the first prize in the “Idea Contest for Promoting Rice Consumption” carried out by Gyeongsangbuk-do in 2010. Actually, you can make Makgeoli easily by using the kit. Put 5 liter of water and a set of The Makgeoli (puffed rice, malt, yeast) in a prepared container.   After stirring rice powder, malt and yeast with a foam maker to move them along, covering the lid, and ferment it at the room temperature (25~28℃) for 3 to 4 days. If clear layer and opaque layer are divided after 3 to 4 days, then Makgeoli is completed. However, malt must be removed by a filter.   CEO Han Sang-cheol said, “You can enjoy various Makgeoli by adding honey, Omija (schizandra), green plum, raspberry, etc. The container of fresh Makgeoli was covered loosely, not tightly because its fermentation can be under way”.     Sangsaengchon Puts Priority on People’s Health Doctor Rice, a fermented brown rice product, is made taking into account people’s health. White rice is generally consumed, but it is lack of nutrients due to the removal of embryo bud and bran. Sangsaengchon developed the fermented brown rice product to enable people to get all nutrients of rice.   CEO Han Sang-cheol said, “White rice has only 5% of rice nutrition. However, brown rice has full nutrition, but is not well consumed due to rough texture. So, brown ice is good to eat if it is fermented for softening. Doctor Rice was born in that way”. He added, “Our product, fermented brown rice has a better texture and also removes heavy metals of the body. We were informed of good effect from diabetes”.   Sangsaengchon Gained Public Favor at Home and Abroad Sangsaengchon’s Makgeoli kit and Doctor Rice have already received positive response from at home and abroad. The exports of Makgoeli kit have been under way since 5 years ago and Doctor Rice entered the USA and Hong Kong. We obtained the FDA approval early this year.   CEO Han Sang-cheol said, “The sales of direct and indirect exports last year were USD42 thousand, and the Doctor Rice products are distributed focusing on Korean Town in the USA. Even though the prices of our products are expensive, we take regular orders from cancer and diabetes patients”.   The results of Makgeoli kit exports reflect the will of CEO Han to deliver Korean Makgeoli culture of consuming fresh Makgeoli to the overseas customers. CEO Han said, “A Makgeoli kit is made to drink easily like instant coffee mix. We export the products to the USA, Southeast Asian countries, etc. As organic rice is used as an ingredient, you taste it once and then can hate to drink general Makgeoli in the market . We will make more efforts to make our products medical food”.
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