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A Variety of High-Quality Processed Ginseng & Red Ginseng Products

A Variety of High-Quality Processed Ginseng & Red Ginseng Products1
A Variety of High-Quality Processed Ginseng & Red Ginseng Products1

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Exported to 15 Countries Including Japan
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There is an idiom―in Chinese characters it’s “作心三日”―which means that most people cannot keep their resolutions longer than three days and thus, the resolutions fizzle out after all. It reflects how easily we change our minds and how hard it is to put into practice even what you’ve firmly decided to do.
Similar to a changeable mind, dishes and products also tend to change over time. That is why consumers rate highly the restaurants and products whose good taste and high quality remain consistent. Among the products that receive such evaluations are the processed ginseng products of Hanil Ginseng Industry Co., Ltd. Hanil Ginseng has been offering high-quality processed ginseng and red ginseng products for 15 years. The company continually gets good reviews in overseas markets.







First Export to Japan Concurrent with the Company’s Inception in 1999

Hanil Ginseng started exporting its products to Japan immediately after it was established in 1999. In fact, the company was created with the goal of selling processed ginseng and red ginseng products to Japan.
Hanil Ginseng is characterized by consistency. Even when the production costs increased and problems arose with the supply of raw ingredients, it didn’t reflect on the quality of the products. The only changes that happened were changes for the better. Thus, the ginseng company is still on good terms with the very first buyers it forged a relationship with. Kim Joung-min, a managing director at Hanil Ginseng, said that some companies suffer from complaints regarding the difference between the product quality at the time of concluding the initial export contract and the quality of the products exported later. But Hanil Ginseng has never received a complaint from consumers because the company never fails to provide them with the products whose quality is identical to that of the samples presented to buyers. Hanil Ginseng set up its own annex research institute where it continuously carries out research and development to further improve the quality of its products. Mr. Kim mentioned that the consistency in the quality has allowed the company to maintain good relationships with the buyers for all this time, since the company’s inception 15 years ago.







Uses Six-Year-Old Ginseng, Produces 60 Different Kinds of Products

Currently, Hanil Ginseng is producing 60 kinds of products in 15 categories. These include teas, extracts, capsules, and powdered products. All of them are made at a highly hygienic facility that has good manufacturing practice (GMP) certification and ISO 9001:2000 certification. Only six-year-old ginseng grown in Korea is used and, for this reason, the products qualify for the Korean ginseng character mark. The mark is granted by the Korean government only to the products that successfully pass the quality tests of an authorized inspection agency. Mr. Kim said that Hanil Ginseng conducts additional quality tests of the ingredients whose quality has already been verified. The standards are set by the company and only the ingredients successful in the additional tests are used.
In addition to advanced production facilities and high-quality ingredients, Hanil Ginseng retains topnotch processing technologies. The company possesses four patented technologies, one of which―the method of preparing fermented red ginseng liquid―is applied to make Fermented Red Ginseng Extract and Fermented Red Ginseng Powder. The products are receiving a favorable response from both domestic and overseas consumers.







Knocking on the Doors of Southeast Asian Markets…Customized Exports

Hanil Ginseng is currently exporting processed ginseng and red ginseng products to 15 countries including Japan, the US, and countries of Europe. It is trying to pioneer the Southeast Asian markets in an attempt to expand its exports further. To enter its first target market in the region, Vietnam, the company is actively promoting its products to local buyers by participating in exhibitions and sales promotion events held abroad. Mr. Kim is confident that Hanil Ginseng has an advantage because it can customize its products to suit the particular needs of local consumers. He adds, “We will continue to work harder to make inroads into each market in Southeast Asia, starting from Vietnam.”






The Four Major Exports of Hanil Ginseng


Preferences for the processed ginseng and red ginseng products vary by each importing country. For example, consumers in Japan, a major importer of processed ginseng products, prefer extracts and teas, whereas American consumers enjoy capsules and powder products more. Below are the four main exports of Hanil Ginseng among the 15 categories of processed ginseng and red ginseng products that the company offers.






Ginseng and Red Ginseng Extract

Ginseng extract is a pure and undiluted extract of ginseng made by extracting ginseng liquid from Korean ginseng and concentrating the extract for ease in ingestion. The red ginseng extract is made by extracting active components from top-quality Korean red ginseng and exudes a rich scent and flavor. Consume the extract twice or three times a day by adding one spoon of the product to a cup of cold or warm water at a time.





Korean Ginseng and Red Ginseng Tea

The ginseng and red ginseng teas are made by obtaining ginseng extract and red ginseng extract through an extraction process. The extract is then concentrated at a low temperature in a vacuum and mixed with glucose. The tea products come in the modern-style granular form. They retain the original scent and flavor inherent to Korean ginseng and red ginseng. Drink the tea twice or three times a day by using one tea bag for a cup of cold or warm water.





Korean Red Ginseng Extract Capsules

The red ginseng soft capsules contain red ginseng extract, Lingshi mushroom extract, and tocopherol (vitamin E). They are designed to improve health conditions and basic physical strength. The product is convenient to carry and take anywhere. Take one to three capsules at a time, twice or three times a day.






Korean Red Ginseng Tablets


The red ginseng tablets are made by processing the red ginseng powder into a tablet shape. They are also convenient to carry and take anywhere you go. Take one or two tablets at a time, twice or three times a day.






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Jujube helps eliminate wastes in the blood vessels, lower cholesterol, stimulate the appetite and promote digestion. Also, as jujube is effective for preventing respiratory disease, relieving insomnia and recovering your health, it is used as an essential medicinal material in oriental medicine. There is a person who has positively informed the customers at home as well as abroad of jujube with such a variety of efficacy. Lee Jae-hye, CEO of Chammat Jujube Farm located in Gunwi-gun, Gyeongbuk is the focus of such attention.   CEO Lee Jae-hye takes the lead in promoting good quality Gunwi jujube products With about 20% of the national jujube production, Gunwi in Gyeongbuk is one of the main production areas such as Boeun in Chungbuk and Gyeongsan in Gyeongbuk. However, many people do not call Gunwi as a main jujube production area. It is because they do not know it well. CEO Lee said, “Gunwi, an inland area, can grow delicious and good quality fruits due to a huge daily temperature range. However, people do not know well about a place name of Gunwi and, even if they are informed of it, they do not know almost about Gunwi jujube”.   So, in order to let the customers informed of Gunwi jujube, CEO Lee focused on the production of high quality jujube products. Jujube is normally harvested when blue in color, but the jujube in Chammat Jujube Farm is harvested after being fully ripen. It is the reason because it can maintain over 30 Brix of higher sugar content. The harvested jujube fruits are air-dried and stored in the low temperature until being processed. CEO Lee commented on the past, “I have gone through many trials and errors to produce the high quality jujube products for about 5 years since I came to Gunwi in 2009”.   Jujube Snack and Jujube Extract made of High Quality Jujube Fruits After undergoing a series of trials and errors, CEO Lee completed the current jujube products. However, as the jujube fruits grown in the other main production areas are stably distributed and sold, CEO Lee made her bid for victory by manufacturing the processed jujube products. CEO Lee explained, “The other main jujube production areas distribute good quality jujube fruits in a state of fresh jujube, and use lower quality jujube fruits as an ingredient of the processed products. In order to win competition against the jujube products from other main production areas, I started to manufacture the processed products with the best jujube fruits”.   The results are jujube extract and jujube snack. They are the typical processed jujube products of Chammat Jujube Farm. It is very strict to select the raw material. The jujube fruits are selected by checking with naked eyes manually three times and washed to be used for the processed products. Because of this, jujube snack of Chammat Jujube Farm maintains a crunchy texture for a long time with almost no crumbs. Despite of no additive, you can feel jujube’s unique sweet taste definitely. CEO Lee said, “After being chosen in the contest of ‘Female CEO Processing Startup Sector’ organized by Gyeongsangbuk-do Agricultural Research Services in 2015, we ramped up the production of the processed jujube goods from the next year. Among about 12 tons of annual production (based on dried jujube), only 60% of selected good quality jujube are used for the processed products”. She added, “We have prepared for producing a variety of processed products such as jujube sugar, jujube spread and jujube vinegar before marketing”.   Sales Extended at Home and Abroad through Word-of-Mouth The processed jujube products that Chammat Jujube Farm manufactures with carefully selected ingredients, such as jujube snack and jujube extract are also sold actively in Korea on everyone’s tongue. The products are mostly sold through direct dealing with the customers. CEO Lee Jae-hye said, “Online sales are only 2 to 3% of total sales. Most of repeated orders from the customers come from such direct dealing”.   Recently, they exported jujube snack equivalent to USD1,000 as sample to Vietnam, which started to inform of Gunwi jujube. CEO Lee spoke up, “We cannot make the processed jujube products carelessly because I can eat and my nephew can eat, too,” and said, “We will obtain HACCP certification next year to enter the large distributors.” And she also said, “The overseas buyers show interests in our products through many inquiries. By highlighting the fact that taking 4 to 5 jujube fruits everyday is helpful for a long life, we will do our best to export our products to Japan, Europe, event to China.”   Tel : +82-54-382-3380(CEO, Lee Jae-hye) Fax : +82-54-382-3370 E-mail : ruby3291@naver.com
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