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Bab Sauce, A Versatile Spicy Sauce Matching Any Dish

Bab Sauce, A Versatile Spicy Sauce Matching Any Dish1
Bab Sauce, A Versatile Spicy Sauce Matching Any Dish1

Bab Sauce, A Versatile Spicy Sauce Matching Any Dish

Recently, spicy food has emerged as a new trend in the US and some Asian and European countries. The consumption of spicy sauces such as Mexican tabasco, Thai sriracha, and Korean gochujang (red pepper paste) is also increasing. The trend brought some spotlight to The Bab Co., Ltd., a Korean sauce maker pioneering the markets of Japan, China, and the US. Its flagship, Bab Sauce: Korean Premium Hot Sauce, is made with only natural ingredients and no artificial additives.

Uses Seven Natural Ingredients Including Cheongyang Chili Pepper and Apricot Extract… Obtained ISO22000 from US FDA
 The biggest difference between the Bab Sauce and other sauces lies in the use of natural ingredients with no chemical additives such as preservatives and artificial colors. The Bab Sauce is made with seven ingredients: Cheongyang chili pepper, dried anchovy, dried kelp, maesil (Japanese apricot) extract, oligosaccharide, soy sauce (brewed in a traditional way), and canola oil. All of these ingredients, except canola oil, come from Korea. The Cheongyang chili pepper, which is responsible for the spiciness, is supplied directly by farmers through contract cultivation. Raw ingredients for the apricot extract are selected from organically grown fruits. No capsaicin, water, modified starch, or meat are added, so vegetarians can use The Bab Sauce with an easy mind.

 The producer implements thorough control of the food safety. It has obtained ISO22000, an international certificate for a food safety management system, and passed the safety inspections conducted by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). All products are packed in eco-friendly materials satisfying the FDA standards. Mr. Jeong Hyeak-sik, CEO of The Bab, said, “Founded in 2012, this company is a late comer in the market, so we decided to focus on the keywords of ‘nature, health, and hot taste’ to differentiate ourselves from the competition. That is how we developed our signature Bab Sauce and were able to obtain a patent for it. With exports in mind, we acquired ISO22000 and FDA certificates to appeal to health and safety-conscious overseas consumers.”

Offering the Sauce in Five Levels of Spiciness and Improving the Product Based on the Consumer Response
 The Bab Sauce comes in five types corresponding to different levels of spiciness: Green Chili Slightly Spicy (the least spicy), Red Chili Slightly Spicy, Green Chili Spicy, Red Chili Spicy, and Green Chili Extremely Spicy (the spiciest). It is offered in glass bottles (100g, 130g) and pouch-type small packages (25g). The size makes the product convenient to use for small families and during a trip. Mr. Jeong said, “We have launched a new, pouch-type product set for those who want to try all five levels of spiciness, and are studying the consumer response.”

 Competitively Priced Spicy Witch Sauce
 The company has also introduced Spicy Witch Sauce, a more commercial and popular version of the premium Bab Sauce. The main ingredients of Spicy Witch Sauce are the same as of the Bab Sauce, but the ratio is different and starch has been added to increase the price competitiveness. Spicy Witch Sauce comes in two types: spicy and mild. It is also offered in glass bottles (195g) and pouches (13g). The increase in the bottle size, compared to the Bap Sauce, was made in response to the recommendation of American and Southeast Asian buyers. The smaller-sized pouches aim at the Japanese market where many convenience stores sell lunch boxes. The Bab participated in an export consultation event last April where it concluded a contract with a large Japanese vendor specializing in distribution to convenience stores. The company will start supplying the Spicy Witch Sauce in pouches to convenience stores in Japan at the end of this year.

 Advancing to Famous Online Markets Overseas
 The spicy sauces of The Bab are listed in large online markets overseas, including Qoo10 in Singapore and Taobao in China. Recently, The Bab has also succeeded in entering the Vietnamese and Indonesian online shopping malls. Moreover, the company is relentlessly looking for opportunities to expand its exports to the US, UK, Singapore, and Hong Kong. It plans to obtain the Singaporean MUIS halal certificate by the end of this year to pioneer the halal markets. Mr. Jeong shared yet another plan, saying “To diversify the products for export, we will launch a convenient sauce made with healthy ingredients such as red ginseng, shiitake mushroom, and shrimp later this year and target with it the foreign consumers who are not fond of a spicy taste.” He added, “We will make further efforts to increase the export of our sauces made with natural Korean ingredients by actively developing and promoting new products.”

 # Additional Infomation / Delicious Ways to Enjoy Spicy Sauces of The Bab
 Bab Sauce and Spicy Witch Sauce are versatile sauces that can be used in various ways according to one’s preference. They will add a spicy yet clean flavor to any dish—fried, baked, grilled, soup, or stew.

 When you have a poor appetite, simply mix the sauce with cooked rice. Try it with meat dishes—barbecue, steak, samgyeopsal-gui (grilled pork belly), and so on.

 It is also a perfect choice as a natural seasoning adding spiciness to stews (soft tofu or soybean paste stew) and noodle dishes (pasta, instant noodles, etc.)

 * Notice: The distribution period of the sauces is one year. Since they are made with no preservatives, refrigerate them after opening.

 The Bab Co., Ltd.
 Tel +82-70-7931-9979
 Website  www.thebab.kr
 Email  thebabkr@naver.com

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