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Ivenet Makes a Debut in the World Market with Premium Baby Food Satisfying Mothers’ Expectations and Babies’ Health Demands

Ivenet Makes a Debut in the World Market with Premium Baby Food Satisfying Mothers’ Expectations and Babies’ Health Demands1
Ivenet Makes a Debut in the World Market with Premium Baby Food Satisfying Mothers’ Expectations and Babies’ Health Demands1

Ivenet Makes a Debut in the World Market with Premium Baby Food Satisfying Mothers’ Expectations and Babies’ Health Demands

Producing Freeze-Dried Weaning Food “BeBe Recipe” and Other Types of Baby Food
Striving to Enter China and Southeast Asia by Using Natural Ingredients and Applying Thorough Quality Control

Since 1980, the Chinese government has enforced the one-child policy to control the population. As low birthrate and rapid aging emerged as a social issue in the country, Beijing announced late October last year that the policy be revised to allow two children per household.
Many economists predict that the change in policy will lead to an increase in consumption of baby products including infant and baby food, and Korean food companies are preparing for it by aggressively trying to enter the Chinese baby food market. One of those companies is Ivenet Co., Ltd., a producer of premium infant and baby food products, such as freeze-dried weaning meals. With all of its products using natural ingredients, the company is knocking on the doors of foreign markets with confidence.
A Pool of Experts in Infant and Baby Food
Despite its relatively short time in business, as the company was founded five years ago, Ivenet has been able to gather under its roof many experts with years of experience in different fields such as dairy production, product research and development (R&D), marketing, and overseas business. The entire process of making baby food, from ingredient selection and food production to distribution and sales is thoroughly controlled to meet the expectations of mothers and health needs of their babies. These strengths have enabled Ivenet to secure a firm position in Korea as a premium baby food producer.

Just a year after its establishment, Ivenet turned its eyes to China and Southeast Asia. The management considers those markets lucrative because of the rising incomes there spurred by economic growth and the increasing consumption of imported high-quality baby food products in the middle- and high-income brackets. Mr. Sim Ho-jun, a manager of the support team at Ivenet, says, “We are sure the Chinese will buy more premium baby food because the demand for baby formulas imported from the US and Europe in the country is on the rise and the popularity of Korean dairy products is also growing among the Chinese higher-income consumers.” In line with the current trends, Ivenet is developing various types of premium baby food products targeting China and Southeast Asia. To promote its products, the company is actively participating in food exhibitions held in China and Vietnam.
Flagship Product, Freeze-Dried Weaning Food “BeBe Recipe”
The flagship of Ivenet is Bebe Recipe, a homemade DIY (do it yourself) weaning meal product using only natural ingredients and no artificial additives. It is made through a freeze-drying process where sweet pumpkin, carrot, spinach, broccoli, beef, and white fish are quickly frozen at 40℃ below zero or lower to minimize the destruction of nutrients. Cooking Bebe Recipe is very simple: add it to rice gruel and boil. The product lets mothers fix a nutritious meal for their babies in a convenient way and also facilitates the development of right eating habits in babies by delivering the original taste of its natural ingredients.

The quality and marketability of BeBe Recipe received recognition when it was selected as a promising item for the Miracle K-Food project set forth by aT (the Korea Agro-Fisheries Trade Corporation) and MAFRA (Korean Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs) to promote Korean agricultural products for export.

Thorough Food Safety Control
Ivenet is pouring much effort to assure food safety. The company obtained a HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certificate for both of its infant and baby food production lines located in Eumseong (North Chungcheong Province) and Gangneung (Gangwon Province). It applies a CIP (Cleaning in Place) system to increase the level of cleanliness in its production lines and has installed air showers and equipment blocking foreign substances. To further ensure product reliability, a quality control team thoroughly checks the safety of the end products.

Focus on Expansion of Exports to China Later This Year
Ivenet has been exploring overseas markets since its establishment, and now, the company is focusing on expansion of its exports to China. It plans to supply various types of infant and baby foods—including weaning meal products, baby snacks and noodles, lactobacillus powder, and white kimchi—to big stores, high-end supermarkets, baby shops, and online shopping malls in major Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing through large local vendors from the second half of this year.

According to Mr. Sim, Ivenet uses China as a foothold for advancement to Southeast Asian and halal markets. It is negotiating deals with foreign buyers to extend the export of baby food to those regions. He says, “We will do our best to solidify our position in the global market as a premium baby food producer.”

* Additional Info: Baby Food Products Loved by Mothers and Babies Alike

- One-Meal Recipe: This is a cube-type convenience weaning meal product comprised of freeze-dried natural ingredients and stock. Just one cube can save you from the hassle of making soup and significantly reduce cooking time. Each cube is individually packed, which is especially convenient when you go out or take a trip. The product comes in six flavors including sweet pumpkin, beef and mushroom, and chicken and vegetables. It is good for babies six to seven months old.
- Rice-based Bebe Jjajang Pasta: This is a gluten-free jjajangmyeon (noodles with black-bean sauce) for babies. Made with rice, potato starch, and vegetables, it contains no wheat flour which is known to cause allergies. The flavor is mild enough for the baby’s palate. You can conveniently cook it anytime and anywhere by adding some boiling water and waiting for six minutes. Designed for babies 12 months and older, the product comes in three types: rice jjajangmyeon, rice pasta with tomato flavor, and rice pasta with cream and cheese flavor.
- Bebe Finger Yogurt: This is a baby snack containing some 2 billion lactobacillus, which is equivalent to two packs (100g each) of fermented milk. The product facilitates the development of healthy intestines. The packages are of the size of a baby’s finger, so babies can grab one with their hands when eating. You can start giving it to babies after they turn seven months. The product is offered in five flavors: mountain goat milk, strawberry, banana, blueberry, and plain.
- Bebe Hangwa: Inspired by hangwa (traditional Korean cookie), this product is made by fermenting glutinous rice dough for 10 days, so it is not fried in oil and contains near-zero trans-fat. It is a perfect snack for babies as it is not too sweet, yet it melts in the mouth. Bebe Hangwa comes in three flavors: sweet pumpkin, plain, and glutinous black rice. It can be enjoyed by babies of six months and older.

 * Inquiries: Ivenet Co., Ltd.
 Tel: 070-7609-7965
 Website: www.ivenet.co.kr / www.facebook.com/ivenet
 Email: bella.you@ivenet.co.kr

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A New-Style Healthy Snack Wins the Heart of Chloe Grace Moretz     As part of the trend for healthy living styles, snacks that keep the original taste of their ingredients, are nutritious, and do not contain additives are a big hit in Korea. One of the popular products is Sweet Potato CHEW. The soft strips of dried sweet potato, made by steaming sweet potatoes without other additives, became a bestseller soon after its release. The product even captivated the taste buds of a Hollywood star. Last year, during her trip to Korea, Chloe Grace Moretz posted her experiences on her Instagram by the hour. One of the posts shows Sweet Potato CHEW. Below the picture the actress typed, “First time trying these dried sweet potato chews, but they’re really healthy and delicious. Love it.”Sweet Potato CHEW is produced by Jeongsim Food Co., Ltd. and distributed by Daesang Chungjungone. Let us find out more about Jeongsim Food.The First in the Field to Introduce Automated Facilities Located in Gangjin County, South Jeolla Province (which is famous for sweet potatoes), Jeongsim Food was founded in 2012. Despite being relatively new in the industry, the company has the largest production line of soft dried sweet potato in the country. Mr. Jin Gyeong-hak, CEO of Jeongsim Food, explains, “We started as an agricultural corporation purchasing sweet potatoes. When we first made soft dried sweet potato strips, we did it by hand and used potatoes that had no commercial value since they were too big or had a funny shape. We gave the packs of strips as bonus gifts to our best customers. The freebies received a very positive response and we decided to focus on their commercialization.”That is when Jeongsim Food signed cultivation contracts with sweet potato farmers and started building a factory. Mr. Jin said, “When we started this company, the manufacturing process for soft dried sweet potato in Korea was in the form of a cottage industry. From the beginning, we aimed at the global market, so we installed a modern automation system and set up the best processing facilities in the country.”In other words, Jeongsim Food became the first company in Korea to obtain an automated production system for soft dried sweet potato.Sold Out on a Home Shopping Channel…OEM Agreement with Daesang Chungjungone Jeongsim Food Co., Ltd. supplies most of its products to Home & Shopping (a home shopping channel), E-mart (a large network of hypermarkets), T’way Air and Eastar Jet airlines, and Daesang Chungjungone. All those companies approached Jeongsim Food after learning, through the word-of-mouth, that the ingredients are carefully selected and the products are made in state-of-the-art processing facilities.     When Jeongsim Food’s sweet potato strips appeared on Home & Shopping for the first time, they were sold out in just 40 minutes.Exporting Soft Dried Sweet Potato to Japan, a Country Known for Advanced Food Manufacturing Technology Soon after Jeongsim Food started supplying its products to Daesang Chungjungone through an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) agreement, it was swarmed with inquiries from overseas buyers who were interested in the product because of the ease of storing and distributing it. Normally, fresh and processed sweet potatoes cause problems for long-term distribution since they spoil easily at room temperature. In contrast, Jeongsim Food’s product can be stored at room temperature for 8 months even though it does not use any additives. The secret is in the unique production process. Jeongsim Food had put much effort into developing a processing method that would enable the long-term storage of the product. After numerous trials and errors, the company succeeded in this endeavor and obtained a patent for the method early this year.     High food safety is another strong point of Jeongsim Food’s products. The producer pays particular attention to hygiene and applies the CIP (cleaning in place) system. All of the hygienic facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―possess HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point), ISO9001, and ISO22000 certifications. Based on these skills and facilities, Jeongsim Food has been able to make products of excellent quality and export them overseas. Particularly significant is its entry to the Japanese market since Japan is renowned for its advanced technology in soft dried sweet potato manufacturing. Next year, the sweet potato strips will be sold in a Japanese convenience store chain (Ministop). Moreover, the product has reached halal markets (Malaysia and Indonesia) by obtaining a halal certification (JAKIM) in June this year. Negotiations for export to the US and Europe are under way.   
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