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Fresh King Oyster Mushroom

  • Company Name : Songiol Agricultural Corporation Co.,Ltd [View Website]
  • Updated : 2013-08-12
Fresh King Oyster Mushroom1
Fresh King Oyster Mushroom1

Songeeall Differentiation
Mushrooms of Songeeall is special, what makes it different?

All facilities of Songeeall apply advanced technology correspond to semiconductor system for mushroom product and our all products are constantly maintained of the best quality.
In addition, R&D of new cultivation technology for mushroom production and breeding of new variety mushroom was supported by Gyeonggi-do Mushroom Research Institute. We always make every effort to control the optimum manufacturing process for the complex growth conditions of mushrooms, and to keep the mushroom products fresh.

Songeeall Global Network
'Songeeall' is optimizing to the customers on diversity of the products, optimization of the quantities and safety through the networks of 3 farms for the competitive export.

Songeeall Cultivation Process
Songeeall Biotech produces all products through the safe manufacturing process for the purpose of healthy and fresh mushroom production. We always make every effort to control the manufacturing process optimum for the complex growth conditions of mushrooms, and to keep the mushroom products fresh.

Certification Status

Songeeall Facilities/Equipment

Songeeall Product Information

King Oyster Mushroom
King Oyster Mushroom is a representative mushroom in Korea, belonging to Order Agaricales, Family Pleurotaceas. It should be cultivated by fresh water and complex cultivation process, and contains lots of Vitamin C and essential amino acids.

Oyster Mushroom
Neutarie Mushroom is an organic mushroom of high quality with excellent chewy texture, grown in sawdust culture media of poplar wood. Rigorously selected dominant species are used and no growth accelerant and chemicals is allowed.

Winter Mushroom
Enoki-take Mushroom belongs to Order Agaricales, Family Tricholomataceae and newly developed white species are widely known to the public. It is very popular with customers due to its chewy texture and fresh flavor.

Natural Health Food
Fresh Mushroom is good for health

Mushroom not only decreases the cholesterol content of the body but also protects against the cancer cells in a living body by showing its efficacy on anti-thrombosis action and blood sugar decrease action which can remove the cause of adult disease induction such as speeding up the immune adjust function, arteriosclerosis.

Main Ingredients(/100g)
King Oyster Mushroom
Oyster Mushroom
Winter Mushroom


Minerals & Vitamins(/100g)
King Oyster Mushroom
Oyster Mushroom
Winter Mushroom
  • Speed up the growth
  • Fatigue recovery and stress solution
  • Obesity prevention and diet
  • Skin beauty and aging prevention
  • Cancer and adult disease prevention

Mushrooms Cook
You can taste the fragrant and nutritious mushrooms 10 times more delicious.

Fried Udon with Mushroom
Mushroom Salad
Various Mushroom Soup
Steamed Rice with King Oyster Mushroom
Steam Boat with King Oyster Mushroom
Mushroom Sushi
Company introduction
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Company Name Songiol Agricultural Corporation Co.,Ltd
Address inli Seounmyun Anseongsi Gyeonggido. Korea   239   456-853
Phone 82-31-677-2255
Fax 82-31-677-4422
Hompage URL www.songiol.com
Contact Person Il-joong Kim
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