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Chips Joa Dried Fruit Chips with Original, Pure Taste and Scent of Fruit

Chips Joa Dried Fruit Chips with Original, Pure Taste and Scent of Fruit1
Chips Joa Dried Fruit Chips with Original, Pure Taste and Scent of Fruit1

No Addition of Synthetic Additives
or Preservatives, No Artificial
Flavors or Colors

With an abundance of food choices, more and more people are looking for good food that not just fills their stomach but satisfies their palates. At the same time, food safety issues are making consumers more conscious about safe food made with good ingredients.
With these trends, nutritious and wholesome foods cooked from natural ingredients, such as fruits and grains, are launched one after another, forming a new market. Dried fruit chips is also a natural wholesome food that is a snack in texture but maintains the merits of fruits―their taste and scent. GL Bio Co., Ltd. is at the vanguard of producing various types of dried fruit chips and supplying them to the domestic and overseas markets. The company is developing and distributing environmentally friendly organic and natural products under the concept of “green life project,” which stands for the happiness of everyone―producers, consumers, and nature.












Domestic Ingredients, Domestic Technology, and Domestic Production

For dried fruit chips produced under the brand name “Chips Joa,” GL Bio uses fresh fruits harvested in season in Korea. This and other products of the company meet all the safety criteria and follow the principle of “domestic ingredients, domestic technology, and domestic production.” No synthetic additives or preservatives and no artificial flavors or colors are used in the process. Mr. Gee Kung-min, CEO of GL Bio, said, “To develop new items that satisfy a maxim of food safety, stable supply, and hygienic production, GL Bio first selects fruits of pure Korean varieties that can be supplied in large quantity and evaluates them for competitiveness overseas.”
For example, the company uses as main ingredients the apples, pears, strawberries, satsumas, and other fruits that are rated as excellent in quality compared to foreign fruits. To produce higher quality products, the CEO personally visits the cultivation sites and purchases fruits. To further increase the reliability of the products’ quality, they are made with fruits whose condition is excellent even for being sold fresh as are and not with fallen or scratched fruits that are usually used for processing. In the case of the strawberry and satsuma chips, only whole fruits are used and the pulp shape is maintained without additional processing. The chips are highly recognized for the quality and technological skills. Mr. Gee explains that GL Bio does not apply additional processes to embellish the shape or taste of its products. As a result, Chips Joa, a freeze-dried product, contains 200 to 350 milligrams (mg) of vitamin C per 100g of the product, which generates an equivalent potency to taking a general vitamin supplement.












Hygienic Production in HACCP Certified Facilities

After purchasing, washing, and sorting the raw ingredients, GL Bio applies a freeze-drying method that is technically supported by the Foundation of Agri. Tech. Commer-cialization and Transfer (FACT), a Korean governmental agency.
In addition, GL Bio pays a lot of attention to hygiene. The company is equipped with an automated production line that handles all the steps of cleansing, sterilizing, drying, and packaging.
It also controls for foreign substances using a metal detector. Equipped with these facilities, GL Bio was able to obtain Hazard Analysis Critical Point (HACCP) certification last year. The safety of the facilities also received recognition from the Korean government. Mr. Gee stresses, “Many of our products, including Chips Joa, are loved by children, so we are making unremitting efforts to produce hygienic and safe products based on thorough quality inspection and production facility management.”











Favorable Response from Overseas Buyers, Exports to Japan

Established in 2011 and since then incessantly striving to maintain high quality and develop new products, GL Bio is now supplying its products to large supermarkets and department stores in Korea. Further, the company is introducing its products to foreign buyers through food exhibitions in Korea and overseas. Based on the favorable evaluations at the exhibitions, GL Bio started exporting its products in April of last year. According to Mr. Gee, strawberry, apple, and satsuma chips are currently exported to Japan, and negotiations with a Chinese company are in the final stages. GL Bio has obtained certification from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the US, which paves the way for the entry into the American market planned for 2016. Currently, the company is preparing to acquire certification from US Department of Agriculture (USDA).











Additional Information

Rice Joa made with Organic Rice, Fruits, and Vegetables

GL Bio also produces Rice Joa, a snack certified as an organically processed product. It is made with healthy organic rice, fruits, and vegetables. These include sweet pumpkin and sweet potato. Since Rice Joa is designed for children, the company puts extra effort into choosing raw ingredients. The chips do not contain any synthetic additives, preservatives, or artificial coloring additives. Parents can therefore give the snack to their children with an easy mind. Rice Joa comes in several types based on the age of the targeted children. These include: plain rice snack for infants older than four months; vegetable rice snack for infants older than six months; and sweet potato rice snack for infants older than eight months. The products are individually packaged, which makes it easy to manage them hygienically and safely.




Company:  GL Bio Co., Ltd.         
Tel   +82-1688-7805         
Fax   +82-31-935-0487         
Website    www.greenbiosys.com    

Address:     124-1, Sagimakgol-ro, Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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A New-Style Healthy Snack Wins the Heart of Chloe Grace Moretz     As part of the trend for healthy living styles, snacks that keep the original taste of their ingredients, are nutritious, and do not contain additives are a big hit in Korea. One of the popular products is Sweet Potato CHEW. The soft strips of dried sweet potato, made by steaming sweet potatoes without other additives, became a bestseller soon after its release. The product even captivated the taste buds of a Hollywood star. Last year, during her trip to Korea, Chloe Grace Moretz posted her experiences on her Instagram by the hour. One of the posts shows Sweet Potato CHEW. Below the picture the actress typed, “First time trying these dried sweet potato chews, but they’re really healthy and delicious. Love it.”Sweet Potato CHEW is produced by Jeongsim Food Co., Ltd. and distributed by Daesang Chungjungone. Let us find out more about Jeongsim Food.The First in the Field to Introduce Automated Facilities Located in Gangjin County, South Jeolla Province (which is famous for sweet potatoes), Jeongsim Food was founded in 2012. Despite being relatively new in the industry, the company has the largest production line of soft dried sweet potato in the country. Mr. Jin Gyeong-hak, CEO of Jeongsim Food, explains, “We started as an agricultural corporation purchasing sweet potatoes. When we first made soft dried sweet potato strips, we did it by hand and used potatoes that had no commercial value since they were too big or had a funny shape. We gave the packs of strips as bonus gifts to our best customers. The freebies received a very positive response and we decided to focus on their commercialization.”That is when Jeongsim Food signed cultivation contracts with sweet potato farmers and started building a factory. Mr. Jin said, “When we started this company, the manufacturing process for soft dried sweet potato in Korea was in the form of a cottage industry. From the beginning, we aimed at the global market, so we installed a modern automation system and set up the best processing facilities in the country.”In other words, Jeongsim Food became the first company in Korea to obtain an automated production system for soft dried sweet potato.Sold Out on a Home Shopping Channel…OEM Agreement with Daesang Chungjungone Jeongsim Food Co., Ltd. supplies most of its products to Home & Shopping (a home shopping channel), E-mart (a large network of hypermarkets), T’way Air and Eastar Jet airlines, and Daesang Chungjungone. All those companies approached Jeongsim Food after learning, through the word-of-mouth, that the ingredients are carefully selected and the products are made in state-of-the-art processing facilities.     When Jeongsim Food’s sweet potato strips appeared on Home & Shopping for the first time, they were sold out in just 40 minutes.Exporting Soft Dried Sweet Potato to Japan, a Country Known for Advanced Food Manufacturing Technology Soon after Jeongsim Food started supplying its products to Daesang Chungjungone through an OEM (original equipment manufacturing) agreement, it was swarmed with inquiries from overseas buyers who were interested in the product because of the ease of storing and distributing it. Normally, fresh and processed sweet potatoes cause problems for long-term distribution since they spoil easily at room temperature. In contrast, Jeongsim Food’s product can be stored at room temperature for 8 months even though it does not use any additives. The secret is in the unique production process. Jeongsim Food had put much effort into developing a processing method that would enable the long-term storage of the product. After numerous trials and errors, the company succeeded in this endeavor and obtained a patent for the method early this year.     High food safety is another strong point of Jeongsim Food’s products. The producer pays particular attention to hygiene and applies the CIP (cleaning in place) system. All of the hygienic facilities―air showers, filters for foreign matters, and so on―possess HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point), ISO9001, and ISO22000 certifications. Based on these skills and facilities, Jeongsim Food has been able to make products of excellent quality and export them overseas. Particularly significant is its entry to the Japanese market since Japan is renowned for its advanced technology in soft dried sweet potato manufacturing. Next year, the sweet potato strips will be sold in a Japanese convenience store chain (Ministop). Moreover, the product has reached halal markets (Malaysia and Indonesia) by obtaining a halal certification (JAKIM) in June this year. Negotiations for export to the US and Europe are under way.   
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