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Kim's Red Ginseng Extract(Light)

  • Company Name : Punggi Ginseng Farming Corp. [View Website]
  • Updated : 2017-08-08
Kim's Red Ginseng Extract(Light)1
Kim's Red Ginseng Extract(Light)2
Kim's Red Ginseng Extract(Light)1
Kim's Red Ginseng Extract(Light)2

? Product Name : Kim's Red Ginseng Extract
? Contents : 240g
? Ingredient : Six years old Korean Red Ginseng Extract 100% (Red Ginseng main root 70%, Red Ginseng thin root 30%)
? Intake & Direction : Take 2g/time after melting in cold water or hot water, and It tastes better with honey


2006. Registered trade mark for Kim's Red Ginseng in USA
2011. The released products


This product is Six years old Red Ginseng put through a 36 hour extraction
process and condense from liquid type. It's helpful to recover one's spirits,
benefitial for the liver, nourishing and increases immunity.
It has been designated as a premier well-being product.


Ginseng Master Kim Jeong-Hwan
Made by Korea’s one and only ginseng master.
Kim’s Red Ginseng is made by ginseng master Kim Jeong-Hwan, representative of Punggi Ginseng Corporation and voted the agricultural master for ginseng in Korea.
Kim’s Red Ginseng refers to products made by strictly handpicking high-quality Six years old Ginseng grown in Punggi, a ginseng-growing area. 


Company introduction
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Company Name Punggi Ginseng Farming Corp.
Address 120-85, Sinjeon-ri, Anjeong-myeon, Yeongju-si,   Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea   36050
Phone 82-54-638-2304
Fax 82-54-634-7350
Hompage URL http://www.goldsam.com
Contact Person Kim Jeong-Hwan
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This is made of 100% Korean red ginseng liquid which is extracted from 6 year old Koreaa red ginseng - Korea specialty at low temperature in scientific and hygienic process under strict quality control. The contains the original active ingredient, taste and flavor of 6 years old Korean red ginseng so that it will be beneficial to health for current businessman of busy and tired life. And it is easy to carry and drink by 80ml of pouch package and very good for VIP gift as a health food.      It is very good for the following people. ? who needs refreshment, stamina and energy.(tonic) ? who wants to enhance Immune system. ? who often take liquor.(hepatotonic) ? adolescence or students who is deficient of energy & vigor.
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