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    Fermented Red Ginseng Daily Stick Original
    37.5% of people do not have intestinal microorganisms to metabolize saponin from ginseng. Researches show that up to 15.5 times the absorption rate and effectiveness derived from fermented ginseng when fermentation is done. We are proud to say our advanced fermentation technology developed by Knowledge & Share, the Technology Holdings of Seoul National University, unlocks and activates ginseng from its complicated build to release compound K which gives you a new level of benefits of ginseng such as: Enhanced immunity level to let you be ready for the flu season Enhanced liver health and rid of toxins Be energetic and remove your fatigue from everyday workings Enhanced memory and focus Enhanced metabolism and anti-aging qualities Stay energized without caffeine Product: Fermented 6-year-aged Korean ginseng, Fermented Korean cultured wild ginseng Dosage: 1~2 per day best before meals Packed by daily portion for your maximum convenience. Carry everywhere and stay healthy
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    The product that only 100% Black Ginseng(Black Ginseng root 70%, Black Ginseng tail 30%), which 4 to 6 year old Korea Ginseng a Specialty of Korea is steamed without skinning and dried, is Extracted at low temperature with no additive and highly enriched, Containing its unique taste and flavor. This highly concentrated Liquefied product is of over 60% sold component and saponin of More than 70mg/g, Black Ginseng’s typical effective ingredient.
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    Korean Red Ginseng Extract Easy
    1. Product Features Cheon Je Myeong Korean Red Ginseng Extract Easy is a stick-type product mixed 6 years old red ginseng with red ginseng extract instead of purified water. You can enjoy it anytime, anywhere. 2. Ingredients 6-Years Korean Red Ginseng Concentrate(The sum of Ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1 and Rg3 : 7 mg/g, solid 65 %, Korean Origin)30 %, Korean Red Ginseng Extract(solid 1 %, Korean Origin)70 % 3. Amount of intake & intake method ·Take one pack, one times a day for adults. ·Adolescents under the age of 15 should take half of the amount for adults. ·For specific or unusual constitution, or allergic constitution, please use our products after confirming ingredients. ·Though there may be some sediment, there is no abnormality in quality. Please take it with an easy mind after shaking. ·Do not heat the product in the microwave oven with the pouch packed. ·Be careful when taking medicines(diabetic drugs, blood anticoagulants) ·Be careful when opening the pouch and please slowly open the contents because it may overflow. ·The edge of the pouch is sharp, so be careful not to cut your skin when you carry or eat it.
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    Honeyed Red Dates with Korean Red Ginseng
    BOOMADAEGAM's Honeyed Red Dates is made under the condition of GAP certification from harvest to processing & shipping, and is a combinational work of Red dates(Jujube) and Korean Red Ginseng that are famous for traditional Korean Superfoods. The taste is sweet, luscious, and smooth, which melts in your mouth. Korean ginseng is commonly referred to as an overall well-being medication.This is because it affects several systems in the body (such as the immune system, reproductive system, and neurological system). Ginseng has been used for centuries in traditional Korean Medicine for improving overall health. It has been used to help fight off stress, lower blood sugar, as well as treat male erectile dysfunction and many other conditions.Korean ginseng is known for itsability to help regulate mood, strengthen the immune system, and improve cognition.
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    Korean Red Ginseng Extract Mild Easy
    *Packing : (10ml*10pouches/case)*3 *Ingredient : 6-years Korean Red Ginseng Etract (the sum of Ginsenoside Rg1, Rb1, and Rg3:4.9mg/g, Solid 65%, Korea Origin)15%, Purified water *Intake : 1)Take one pouch, one time a day for adults. 2)Adolescents under the age of 15 should take half of the amount for adults. 3)For specific or unusual constitution, or allergic constitution, please use our products after confirming ingredients.
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    Myeongwonjang - Korean Red Ginseng Roots
    *Grade : Heaven, Earth, Good (3 types) *Size : 600g, 300g, 150g, 75g (per grade) *Ingredient : 6 years old red ginseng 100% *Intake : Intake this product after boiling it slowly for 72 hours or more in a boiling appliance.