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    Korean fresh Paprika is good for bone growth and anti-aging. Paprika is rich in lycopene. and also has a high concentration of calcium and phosphorus which are helpful for children in growth spurt and the elderly with the risk of osteoporosis. Korean fresh Paprika is enhanced immune system sith rich vitamis. It protects your body from a variety of diseases by enhancing your immune system. Korean fresh Paprika is effective for skincare and diet. It has nutrients such as beta-carotene and other vitamins inhibit melanin pigmentation and eliminate blemishes on the skin
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    fresh potato
    1.Betacarotene in sweet potatoes has excellent anti-cancer properties 2.constipation action of dietary fiber and alaphene 3 .blood pressure drop action of potassium 4.antioxidant action of vitamin E 5. blood-preventing effect of calcium
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    Korean strawberry
    Along with their rich pulp and unparalleled sweetness, Korean strawberries are rich in vitamin C, Contanining twice as much as lemons and 10 times as much as apples, so they help in recovering quickly from fatigue and boosting immunity. Korean strawberry is good for heart health, intestine health and eye health.
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    Toucho Tougarashi(Fresh pepper)
    Dangjo Pepper Dangjo pepper helps stabilizing the blood-sugar level and preventing obesity. It is not spicy so even children can eat.
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    High vitamins contents. Sweeter than general tomatoes. Well-being food rich in vitamins. . 1. Origins : Korea 2. Time of harvest : Year around. 3. Sweetness : 7~8 brix 4. PACKING : 5KG/BOX 5. COLOR : RED, YELLOW, ORANGE Is food material and is used mainly to salad.
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    Nature.m Black Garlic Extract
    # Product Name Nature.M Black Garlic Extract # Selling Point •Carefully selected ingredients • High Solids Content • Energy-boosting vitality • Decompressed and extracted at a low temperature # Product Features • Invigorating ingredients, such as black garlic, red ginseng, and ginger • Contains 31.7% black garlic
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    Sweet potato
    It is widely cultivated throughout Korea. It is about 3 meters long and the stem roots as it stretches along the ground. Compared to potatoes, it has a lot of sugar and vitamin C and is low in calories. Sweet potatoes grown in the soil ofKorea, are dry and sweet in summer, and become sweeter over time. We only collect and send high-quality products. Instagram @cr_trade @hong__farm
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    Korean Strawberry
    Korean strawberries are famous for the soft flesh and very sweet taste compared to strawberries from other countries. Variety : Mae-hyang, Sul-hyang Sugar contents : 12 ~14 Brix Seasonality : Nov. ~ Apr. Packaging : 330g X 4 punnets / 1.32kgs ctn 250g X 8 punnets / 2kgs ctn Qt’y / Pallet : 1.32kgs – 255 ctns, 2kgs – 152 ctns