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Lotus Root Crisps

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  • Updated : 2020-11-21
Lotus Root Crisps1
Lotus Root Crisps1

This snack turned bugak (chips) which is a traditional temple food into a snack that suits modern preferences, It is a new concept snack made with the ingredient itself.


Pre-seasoned with deep sea water, it is a kind snack with no dyes, no preservatives, no MSG and is non-GMO


The main component of lotus roots is starch, and also rich in minerals and dietary fiber 
 to make your skin healthy. In particular, it has more vitamin C than other 
 root vegetables, which act as antioxidant, and also contains polyphenol 
 known for anticancer properties. It tastes sweet and has warm properties. 
 Lotus roots cure wounds, stops bleeding, and controls diarrhea and vomiting. 
 The substance tangled in a sticky manner like threads is mucin, 
which stimulates digestion of protein, the main component of cells, 
 and protects stomach walls. 

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Price Price USD 1.9 Unit 1ea Price Condition FOB Delivery Port ??? ?? ??
Origin ????
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Size(Pre-packed) Length 19 Width 8 Height 27 Size Unit Centimeters Weight 100 Weight Unit Grams
Packaging box Length 62 Width 32 Height 42 Size Unit Centimeters Weight 9500 Weight Unit Grams
Delivery Lead Time 14days
Minimum Order ????
Supply Ability ????
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Address 30, Nonggongdanji 1-gil, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do   (?) ???   24899
Phone 82-70-4447-2335
Fax 82-33-633-0658
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