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2020 Online Bangkok K-Food Fair
2020 Online Bangkok K-Food Fair 2020 Online Bangkok K-Food Fair
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    Green One Food We are divided into two factories. One is Green One Food that produce baby snack. And the other is Popping sound in the Kunzip barn that manufactures rice snack machines. Rice snack, which has been produced and produced by its own production machinery, has been responding well both domestically and overseas with its know-how and skills of 20 years. We are growing every year with OEM / ODM delivery and export and online sales. Green One Food does not use absolutely low quality rice and ingredients to lower the unit price. Even if you make a snack, it is made through the hands of long-time skilled people and strives for meticulous screening and cleanliness. We will be the right company to make food that whole world children, adults and the whole family can eat safely. Thank you.
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    We are a trading company based in South Korea. We've exported korean processed food products to more than 10 countries such as snack, beverages, chocolate, instant noodle, sauces, kimchi, Topokki, etc. We have variety range of fun and unique products. If you are looking for new products from korea, please don't hesitate to contact with us. We can also provide you consolidation services.
  • UNIONE Co.,Ltd.
    global K-food Exporter that creates K-cultures contentes and items The company aims to launch products featuring exquisite taste and differented quality and provide customer-oriented service with integrity and efficiency
  • GRC Corp
    GRC(Good Rice Cake) is at the forefront of reinterpreting rice cake, Korean traditional food, in a comtemporary way. By promoting the excellence of korean food, GRC leads the way for everyone to have healthy eating style. We provide products that people with all ages can simply enjoy. For healthy meal alternatives, we satisfy all age's taste, from toddler's meals to daily snacks for adults, with healthy and tasty ingredients. We consistently study rice meals and dessert, which will be sought after in every country, in the way that GRC pursues, making conscious and thoughtful decisions about the food we eat.
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    SEAWORLD Co., Ltd. has been doing R&D under its corporate vision to become "the company taking responsibility for the food of the future." 'TigakTegak Crisps' is our main product product line with no food additives and preservatives, but healthy taste flavored with deep sea water. SEAWORLD has applied smart processing for mass production under hygienic enviroment. We are certified with HACCP, ISO22000, FSSC22000, etc.
    As Han Mi rae Food Co., Ltd. is a specialized factory for exporting seasoned laver which was established in clean area, Sangju city, Gyeongsangbuk-do(constructed in July, 2014), is running up-to-date six lines of automatic equipment and plans to establish additionally one line for salted laver to meet demands of customers. ? This company has modern eco-friendly factory of 2,410㎡(730pyeong) in total area of 7,060.9㎡(2,138 pyeong). ? Han Mi Rae Food Co., Ltd. has focused primarily on quality and sanitary control for eating of customers with an easy mind and is proceeding to Moreover, our company is handling best material from Korean West Sea different from general ones and using bamboo salt to produce goods in low salt suitable for well-being period, is considering health of customer as the matter of top priority.
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