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Yellow Gold Farm Grown to Asia’s Biggest Exporting Farm from Production Farm
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  • Date : 2018-12-19 10:23:25
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The Yellow Gold Farm draws an attention as the biggest farm for sweet persimmons in Asia as well as in Changnyeong, Gyeongnam. Also, they are recognized as a farm to maintain the best quality of sweet persimmons in overseas through the first export to Malaysia in 1994. They continue the growth in export

While expanding the sorting facility and producing the processed products.


Producer Specializing in Rich Varieties of Sweet Persimmons for 30 Years

The Yellow Gold Farm has a growing area of 60ha, the biggest farm as a single farm in the Asia as well as Korea. Located 300m over the seal level, it has a huge daily temperature difference which brings firm texture and good quality enough to maintain the sugar content of over max. 16 Brix.


CEO Jo Jun-ho said, “Our farm is an optimal place to grow sweet persimmons topographically. With our cultivation skills accumulated for the past 30 years, I am proud of producing the best quality sweet persimmons. Recently, we have exported our sweet persimmons to Malaysia, Cambodia, Canada, Guam, and our products obtained local popularities, which has increased our export sales annually.



He said that the main reason to steadily increase the exports is keep confidence in supplying the exports at the contracted prices even though the domestic prices are increased for 10 years. They prepare for the increased exports by newly installing the sorting facility for exports, and expect the export sales in 2018 to increase up to double the sales of last year.


Production of High Quality Sweet Persimmons using Natural Vinegar

The Yellow Gold Farm’s continuous production of high quality sweet persimmon was fuelled by CEO Jo’s know-hows through ceaseless research. Especially, its own natural vinegar made of sweet persimmons enables the production of better taste sweet persimmons and prevention of disease and pest by spraying it into the sweet persimmon trees.



Also, the farm was not united by several growers, and is a single grower. So, the same farming methods and growing skills lead to the consistent high quality and good taste.

Especially, this farm was designated by the RDA as a rural education farm in 2013, and has transferred high quality cultivation skills to 5,000 visitors annually.


The production factory also obtained HACCP certification and carbon-free certification for sanitary production facility. Recently, they are focusing on the production of high value-added processed products such as the expansion of processed facilities to produce fully-dried and half-dried sweet persimmons as well as fresh ones.


Reinforcement of Export Competition with Chinese Sweet Persimmons

The Yellow Gold Farm hurries the export expansion into Southeast Asian markets through the images of excellent taste, high quality and clean nation to compete with the Chinese sweet persimmons. At the same Time, they have a plan to increase the exports of high value processed products such as fully-dried and half-dried sweet persimmons as well as the exports of fresh ones.


CEO Jo Jun-ho said, “In order to convert from the exports of fresh persimmons to the exports of the processed Products, we finished the consultation with Gyeongsangnam-do local government to secure the finance and location for expanding the processed factory. In 2019, the extended processed facility will be completed.


We continue to perform the marketing activities to inform of our high sugar content, excellent color and shape”. They expect that the export sales will increase over KRW1 billion at minimum through this marketing plan.

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