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Success Stories

Jeonbuk Jangsu Sinnong Farming Corporation Opened up Export Markets for Apples with Young Spirit
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  • Date : 2018-12-19 10:16:27
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The Jangsu Sinnong Farming Corporation is an organization formed by 6 young people in their 30s in 2009 with an ambition to export the world best apples to the world market. After 10-year efforts, they started to export their apples to Hong Kong and Malaysia in 2017. Recently, they deliver our apple taste and quality through various export markets.


First Export of Apples to Hong Kong in 2017

The Jangsu Sinnong Farming Corporation was established in 2009 by 6 young apple growers in their 30s with a goal to produce the world best apples. Through many trials and errors and continuous R&Ds for 8 years, they produced the best apples in Korea and maintain the steady sales increase for the recent years.


CEO Jeon Dae-ho said, “In 2009, 6 young people in their 30s started to work together with a young spirit only. We threw ourselves heart and soul into apple cultivation, and, with some confidence in our apples, started to export overseas. We succeeded in exporting to Hong Kong, Malaysia and gained popularity from the buyers. Our export sales have an increasing tendency”.

The reason of our export success is to produce the best quality apples first and then select the best of the best for export. It enabled far higher export prices than the domestic ones, and higher brand recognition through export management. We will expand the export sales into the Southeast Asian countries and expect that our export sales in 2018 will be over KRW500 million.



Export Expansion Using CA Storage developed by RDA

As the results of securing high quality growing skills and expertise, they received the award of Prime Minister in the examination of Top Quality Agricultural Production Complex in 2017. They could also maintain the high quality retention period by receiving Korean type CA storage developed by the RDA, which contributed to the export expansion.

Especially, Korean type CA storage developed by the RDA through domestic technology is a storage technology to minimize any quality change by loosening the breath of agricultural products through controlling temperature, humidity, concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the storage. As it has 6 month longer storage period than the one of general refrigerator and maintains excellent apply quality, it played a great role in expanding the exports because such feature raises the buyers’ preferences.

The system is cheap to be installed and several systems can be operated by one unit of nitrogen generator only. In case of storing 10 tons of apples, the profit of KRW12 million is made in a general storage system, but the profit of KRW21 million is made in the CA storage system. It enables the higher profit.



Apple Export to Taiwan Market

The Jangsu Sinnong Farming Corporation is preparing for exporting apples to the Taiwanese market with big demand as well as Hong Kong and Malaysia. The Taiwan’s market has strict quarantine process on the imported agricultural products and requires long preparation period. However, they reported the processing facility only for export to Taiwan and established various marketing plans to enter the Taiwanese market.

Especially, CEO Jeon said, “The Jangsu area, 500m over the sea level has been blessed by heaven with a wonderful natural environment for growing apples with unique high content of sugar due to highland. We are planning for the careful market survey and effective marketing with our strengths including high sugar content, excellent color and shape”. They expect the export sales of KRW500 million in 2018 through their export expansion policy.

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