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Byeoldameun Farming Corporation Knocks on Overseas Markets with High-Grade Peaches
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  • Date : 2018-11-28 11:17:23
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As a peach is of limited storage life, it was one of the items difficult to export. However, Yeongcheon Peaches grown with high quality stayed ahead of the competition with advanced Japanese peaches, countered the feature of limited storage life, and now started to be exported slowly but surely. It is the Byeoldameun Farming Corporation with 19 peach growers that leads the export of Yeongcheon peaches.


Established for High-Grade Production and Cooperative Sorting

The Byeoldameun Farming Corporation was established in 2014, but its origin goes far back to the Past. In 2004, 9 peach growers with excellent cultivation techniques formed a club of ‘ILOVEPEACH’, which was a matrix of Byeoldameun Farming Corporation. After that, they organized the Byeoldameun Farming Corporation to jointly seek for sorting and sales beyond production of high-grade peaches. Currently, 19 peach growers in Yeongcheon joined the Corporation.


Cho Yeong-woon, CEO of Byeoldameun Farming Corporation, said, “The peach growers with outstanding cultivation skills established the Byeoldameun Farming Corporation for cooperative sorting and marketing. Through the sharing of each cultivation know-hows and visits to advanced growing areas, we have made efforts to grow high-grade peaches”. The members of Byeoldameun Farming Corporation also show good response to the Corporation as easy farming with people of different age groups. Above all, the farmers communicate with each other well and exchange information smoothly.


Jeong Yoo-sik, a member of Byeoldameun Farming Corporation, said “There are people of all ages in our corporation. The seniors transfer their own growing know-hows, and young members learn and introduce new techniques. After being with the Byeoldameun Farming Corporation, peach farming become much easier”. 



Turing Their Eyes to Export Markets

The position of Byeoldameun Farming Corporation in the domestic market became strengthened through good quality production and cooperative sorting. Sales are made mainly through major large marts and wholesale markets across the country. And then, they turned their eyes to the export markets. The Byeoldameun Farming Corporation exported 2 pallets (380kg per pallet) two years ago, 18 pallets last year, and planned to export 100 pallets this year.


The Byeoldameun Farming Corporation aims to export our good quality peaches rather than just peaches. CEO Cho Yeong-woon said, “We intend to export premium levels even for a small quantity order. Accordingly, we targeted the countries with economic power over a certain level, such as Hong Kong and Singapore. I mean, we export the best peaches, but for a price“. Of course, the Byeoldameun Farming Corporation is busy itself in going on a field trip to the advanced growing farms and holding an invitation event for overseas buyers to inform of our high quality peaches.



CEO Cho said, “We benchmark the successful cases of leading peach growers in Japan through our visits at our own costs. And we also invite the interested persons such as the buyers from Hong Kong or Singapore, and inform them of the excellence of Yeongcheon peaches among Korean peaches. Ultimately, our aim is to pull ahead of Japanese peaches for which we go a field trip in the overseas market”


Rural Development Administration’s Cooperation for Entering Overseas Markets

The RDA’s cooperation contributed to Byeoldameun Farming Corporation’s successful landing on the overseas markets. With the short expiration date for freshness, peaches require relatively fast distribution even in the domestic market. The corporation received the RDA’s support to improve the difficulty in exporting peaches. Peach freshness was drastically maintained for a long time by using CO2 in packaging. Now, people even in the overseas market can also taste fresh peaches accordingly.


The cooperation with the RDA for breaking into export markets produced fruitful results. The RDA opened the door to expansion of the overseas markets by directly introducing the unknown routes to the growers, such as trade exhibitions. Besides, the RDA has continued to provide the information such as post-harvest management, pesticide residue standards of each importing country and cultivation manuals, which plays a supporting role for exporting peaches. Cho Yeong-woon, CEO of Byeoldameun Farming Corporation, said, “The RDA’s supports have served as great energy and power in entering the export markets. We will add fresh fuel to the improvement of export markets in cooperation with the RDA”.

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