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Challenge The World Market with Infant Foods Made of Eco-Friendly Ingredients
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  • Date : 2020-10-15 16:49:53
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(Title) Challenge The World Market with Infant Foods Made of Eco-Friendly Ingredients


Korean companies have a high interest in the Chinese markets for infant foods as the Chinese market is a vast consumption market where there has been such a view that the market scale of infant foods in China is expected to reach 175.3 billion Yuan (28 trillion won) by the year 2020. Although the Chinese market is a good market, it is rather difficult for the market advance because of various non-tariff barriers. Especially, it is much more difficult to receive the certificate of organic foods from China. However, recently, there is a company in attention who has received the certificate of organic foods for rice snack products in China and proceeded with a full-scale exportation. It is Cheongdameun Inc.,Co (C.E.O Kim YoungShik).


The C.E.O Kim YoungShik said, “I believed that it was very rewarding to make good healthy foods and offer them to consumers, so that I proceeded with the market advancement for infant foods.”; and explained, “I reviewed the export to China through Beijing Branch of aT in 2017 and prepared for the certificate of organic foods in China”.


Thorough Preparation to Acquire The Certificate of Organic Foods in China


Cheongdameun thoroughly prepared to receive the certificate of organic foods in China. First of all, we use high quality raw materials. The C.E.O Kim said, “Big differentiation of our products begins with high quality."; and emphasized, “We are receiving eco-friendly raw materials from Jeonnam Province the largest eco-friendly production field, which occupies 60% of certified area of nationwide eco-friendly agricultural products.”

We are receiving organic rice from Jeonham Gurae through the contract. Instead of using pesticide and fertilizer, we put enzyme. We also use rice for raw material within 10 days after milling. We use other Korean raw materials cultivated through eco-friendly way if their supply is available. Also, we have a principle of production and delivery on the day to produce and distribute the products. We have considered the body development of infants and developed products. In fact, infants can grab and eat the rainbow ball with their thumb and index finger. It is the product developed suitably for the development of fine muscles of children. The rainbow chips have a special colorful sense. Children in the period of teeth growth can eat by scratching gums. We have developed a soft bar with baked surface to prevent it from melting on the hands of children. When the soft bar touches with saliva, it will melt softly.

The C.E.O Kim said, “To receive the certificate of organic foods in China, we need to prepare many documents and to proceed with onsite due diligence and experiment for each product”; “Although it took significant period and cost for its certification with much difficulty, while we participated in the aT miracle project and all employees prepared thoroughly, we have easily passed the certificate evaluation.”



Fast Track in World Market with High Quality Raw Material & High Safety


From the result of such effort, last December we acquired the certificate of organic foods in China for total 20 products including 5 types of rainbow ball. Last month, we have exported products of 20 million worth to China. Exported rice snacks have been launched in 121 stores specialized for infant products in Jiangsu Province and Zhejian Province the representative consumer markets of China to meet with Chinese consumers. In domestic markets for infant foods, we have grown stably based on the trust by consumers. Our sales increased rapidly from 48 million won in 2014 to 6 billion won in 2016. Last year, we accomplished 10 billion won for the first time in our sales history. The C.E.O Kim Young Shik said, “We do not use wheat and leavening agent in consideration of children's health. We have succeeded in making soft texture after the long study and experiment.”; and promised, “We will use the best materials for our children.”

It is expected to grow more in exportation and sales amount than this year through the promotion of a market expansion to Southeastern region. The C.E.O Kim Young Shik said, “The year 2018 was the first year of exportation. We have a goal to grow by 1000% sales in 2019." ; and revealed, “We will review the exportation to Southeastern market such as Vietnam of high interest for infant foods as well as the full-scale exportation to China through a strategic agreement with local distributors in China. ”


What is Miracle Project?

It is the project to discover a new item which has not been led to the exportation due to small scale and insufficient experience although it is directly connected to the income of farmers and it has a potential for mass exportation; to foster it to a genuine prospective export product of Korea. Namely, the aT will exclusively promote the matters such as the preparation process for export which is difficult to promote by a private company. The aT will implement the customized supports in detail for each item and for each country such as the survey on information, the reinforcement of product competitiveness, the support for test export, the discovery of buyers, the pioneer on market, and the support of export settlement. This year, we will proceed with the project targeting the prospective export product and production companies (or export companies) from February to December.


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