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Bon World Exports Premium Sauces Carrying the Traditional Taste of Korea
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(Title) Bon World Exports Premium Sauces Carrying the Traditional Taste of Korea


Bon World Co., Ltd. now appeals to the palate of the world as its seven sauces for the Korean cuisine are being exported to 17 countries. As a food franchise, Bon World first exported its sauces to its own stores in the US, China, and Japan in 2015. As the products have met better-then-expected response from local consumers, the company expects it will achieve a quantum jump from 27,000 dollars in 2015 to 200,000 dollars this year.


Attacking Local Consumers with High-Class Premium Sauces


Chen Yuping, a 32-year-old housewife who tried bibimbap at a Bon World store in Shanghai, China said, “When I put the exclusive red pepper sauce to bibimbap, I can feel the distinctive Korean taste of the sauce. So, I come to the store a couple of times a month with my family,” and added, “In addition to bibimbap, various porridges or jabchae are prepared as soon as you order them. So, you can enjoy the proper flavor of the dishes.”

Bon World currently runs its stores in 20 or so countries where the company sells Bon porridges. Basic ingredients are locally supplied, but sauces like soy and red pepper couldn’t get the authentic Korean flavor with the locally available ingredients alone. Accordingly, Bon World began to export various sauces in 2015. Bon World exports seven types: basic sauce, red pepper sauce for mixing with rice, stir-frying soy sauce, japchae sauce, soup sauce, and red pepper powder.



Pleasing the Palate of People around the World with Unchanged Healthy Food for Well-Being


Bon World started with the aim of making products carrying the best Korean taste which global consumers can trust and buy. So, the company went for the premium for the taste of its sauces in their development. As the company supplied its products only to its stores up until 2018, its export remained limited. Coming into this year, however, the company has begun its export to the US pouches which are available from ordinary supermarkets. For China, the sauces manufactured at its plan in Shandong Province were previously supplied to local consumers. Now, the company can export domestically manufactured sauces to China through the Export Support Project of Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Trade Corp.(aT). In fact, aT provided consulting on non-tariff barriers and support related to labeling to help Bon World export it sauces. aT advised Bon World about the customs clearance documents, required specifics for labeling, and required details for labeling of different items to ensure the export of Bon World’s sauces to Vietnam. aT supported the creation of the labeling nutrition information, nutrition analysis, and labeling, all necessary for export to the US. And for the company’s export to China, aT helped it with CCIC registration of kimchi sauce powder and two porridges.

Choi Bok-i, CEO of Bon World, said, “Thanks to the various supports from aT, we have sold Korean-made sauces to China and supplied them to other overseas stores run by Bon World, ”In its early days, our export catered to only limited destinations like China, Japan, and the US, but as their excellent flavors reached international consumers through WOM, we are now exporting our sauces to some 20 countries.“


Upgraded Marketing for Porridges in Addition to Sauces


Bon World has upgraded its marketing to sell abroad not only its sauces but also porridges. The company wants to get more and more consumers to turn to porridges by globalizing its porridge products which have appealed the Korean palate. Especially, the company aims to registers as Bon World brands in 100 countries products with great potential for global penetration such as baby porridge or diet porridge. Recently, the company completed trademark registration in 80 countries, and lately, its export volume is increasing as the company has started selling porridge pouches to the US.

To establish its brand as high-class premium products and healthy food for well-being, Bon World will expand its local marketing in the export destinations. At the same time, the company brings aggressive local publicity to the superb taste through diverse-ranging marketing efforts including food tryouts for locals and talks with local buyers.


Bon World Co., Ltd

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