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Cooked&Fermented Brown Rice Knocks on Global Market
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  • Date : 2020-10-15 14:52:22
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(Title) Cooked&Fermented Brown Rice Knocks on Global Market

There is a cooked rice that when eaten, mitigates diabetes and lowers blood pressure. It is My-san Hyunmi Balhyo-bab(‘Cooked & Fermented Brown Rice’). Mysan Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab Co., Ltd., which is located in Maryeong-myeon, Jinan-gun, Jeolla North Province, Korea, has been thrust into spotlight at home and abroad by developing My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab, a highly functional health food that fights diabetes with its patented technology which taps into lactobacillus and yeast.


Cooked & Fermented Brown Rice Is Highly Effective in Mitigating Diabetes

My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab is made with the patented technology, which mixes lactobacillus and yeast and ferments the mixture at 36℃ for 72 hours. Through its 3- year-long joint research with Pai Chai University, the company acquired the patent for its fermentation method and mass production. Starting in May, Wonkwang University will test its application to human body with regard to its potential mitigation of diabetes. This scheduled project attests to the company’s confidence in the product’s mitigation of diabetes.

President Park Sung-ja of My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab Co., Ltd. said, “The hospital which my fatherin-law visited for his diabetes recommended that he eat brown rice, but as brown rice registers a rough mouthfeel and is not easy to digest, I have given attention to fermentation of brown rice.” She added, “We developed cooked & fermented brown rice through industry-university cooperation with Pai Chai University. Unlike ordinary brown rice, cooked & fermented brown rice registers a sticky mouthfeel and is easy to digest even if it is not bloated in water. More than anything else, it improved my father-inlaw’s health, so I have come to be sure of the success of cooked & fermented brown rice.”

In fact, the mouse test, which was conducted in 2017 by My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab Co., Ltd. with a fund from Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, showed that the experimental group, which was fed with fermented miscellaneous grains, registered a higher blood glucose level than the experimental group, which was fed with a diabetes drug (Metformin).


Diverse Health Benefits Related to High Blood Pressure, Weight Loss etc.

My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab Co., Ltd. flaunts various health benefits related to diabetes, high blood pressure, weight loss etc., depending on the grains included. The company’s flagship lines are ‘Comfortable Cooked & Fermented Brown Rice’, and Baby Food, Growth Helper, and Long Life Helper, which pretty much cover a person’s entire life. The products weigh 1kg and are priced at 4.42 to 13.25 dollars. President Park said, “To make sure that people can eat cooked & fermented brown rice all their life, we have developed a variety of products from baby food to weight loss for youths, products for mitigating diabetes and high blood pressure among late middleaged people, and products for promoting the health of the elderly,” and added, “We chose the best grains through mouse experiments, which were countless enough to use and dispose of about 30 tons of brown rice.”


Cooked & Fermented Brown Rice More Salient Overseas


The company registers about USD 100,000 in annual sales, about half of which is through exports. There have been several exports to China and the US, and additional exports are growing visible with an Indonesian buyer lately visiting the company and discussing an export price. President Park said, “As Chinese people don’t like miscellaneous grains, ‘Comfortable Cooked & Fermented Brown Rice’ is the major sell to China, whereas in America, baby food is popular mainly among KoreanAmericans,” and added, “In Indonesia, where the food life is being westernized and diabetics are increasing accordingly, a local buyer showed great interest in our products.” Such achievements in exports have been supported by the role of Korea Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation (aT). When My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab was selected for ‘Miracle K-Food Project’ with which aT discovers and supports promising export items, its overseas sales proceeded. Having achieved its halal certification, My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab Co., Ltd. is going to go from its export to Indonesia to implement its exports to those Muslim countries where the halal standard is in place. President Park Sung-ja said, “We are getting calls from several foreign countries, which seems to suggest that the increased interest in health brings attention to our products that are differentiated with our patented technology,” and added, “Not just their excellent health benefits but also their sampling will differentiate them from other goods in the market in taste.”



My-san Hyun-mi Balhyo-bab Co., Ltd

TEL : +82-63-714-2288

FAX : +82-63-714-3021

E-mail : mysan3370@naver.com


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