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Pure formula by Ildong Foodis, capturing the attention of the global market
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  • Date : 2020-10-15 12:02:13
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(Title) Pure formula by Ildong Foodis, capturing the attention of the global market


The pure formula by Ildong Foodis made from milk from naturally grazing dairy cows is capture the attention of the global market. A high quality, premium product that is similar to a mother's breast milk, helps strengthen the child's immune system and helps the child grow. This product receives good reviews from consumers around the world from China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and elsewhere. In particular, having received the LOHAS certification, it has a high level of recognition in the global market and a high growth rate of exports is being maintained.  



Strict quality assurance with the LOHAS certification 


"While there are many types of formula produced throughout the world, Ildong Foodis' formula has a higher level of safety compared to other products and is therefore a safer product for infants. Because such strict quality assurance is followed that makes this the only formula produced in Korea to acquire the LOHAS certification, for the long-term this is the only product I will get for my child." Was the high opinion of Shao Oh-hwa, a mother in Beijing, China with a 5-month-old in regards to the reliability of the Ildong Foodis product.

The response has been good for Ildong Foodis not only for consumers in China, but recently for those in Vietnam and Hong Kong as well. This is because we implement strict quality assurance together with the premium high-quality image of Ildong Foodis in overseas regions. Also, the reliability of consumers was improved by producing raw milk in places known for their clean areas in New Zealand and Australia. Based on such popularity, our products are exported to China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and the United States. This resulted in attaining 7 million dollars in exports in 2018. We are experiencing more than 40% annual growth.





The Hi Kid product, popular in Vietnam


The baby food, Hi Kid produced by Ildong Foodis Co., Ltd. is popular in Vietnam these days. Together with creating a high-class image for Ildong Foodis in the Vietnam market, there is much word of mouth advertising taking place about how Hi Kid helps provide balanced nutrition and helps children to grow, making it a popular product among Vietnamese consumers.

In particular, the product contains DHA and various functional ingredients that assist in the growth and development of children, which results in parents wishing their children to grow tall, lining up to purchase the product. 

The export team manager at Ildong Foodis, Kim Kwang-won explained that "the Hi Kid product is a hit product in Vietnam and China and is very popular in the southern region of China and among Vietnamese consumers" and added, "the response has been so good we are expecting to export between 4 to 5 million dollars’ worth to Vietnam alone and more than 2 million dollars’ worth to china."



Increased exports to Europe and Southeast Asia


By establishing a foothold with exports to China and Vietnam markets, Ildong Foodis is now spurred on to penetrate the European and the Southeast Asian markets. The European market is dominated by global formula companies. To that extent, the plan is to penetrate this market focusing on formula and children's snacks. Also, in addition to Vietnam and Hong Kong, the company is actively participating in local trade shows and various promotional events to penetrate the new Southeast Asia market that includes countries such as Indonesia and the Philippines.

Ildong Foodis CEO Lee Jun-soo spoke with confidence saying, "we plan to more actively target the global export market with a concept of high quality, sophisticated design and other premium concepts by taking into account the characteristics of food products for infants and toddlers," and added, "recently, Korea has been recognized as a country with an image as having a high level of safety. In this regard, we will combine this image with our product to penetrate the overseas market."



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