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Top-quality Korean Peaches Go Beyond Domestic Market
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(Title) Top-quality Korean Peaches Go Beyond Domestic Market

A Gyeongsan peach farm cooperative called Gyeongsan Boksunga Yeonguhoe has built up its experience and technique in cultivating peaches of world-class quality through field trips to advanced agricultural countries and outstanding domestic farms having skilled peach cultivating techniques over the last 20 years. With this valuable experience and technique, it is now recognized for the highest equality of peaches it produces. The peaches of the cooperative are not only selling at the highest price on the domestic market but also capturing the tastes of locals in overseas markets including Hong Kong and Taiwan. The fruit is receiving favorable responses from Southeast Asian consumers, and Taiwan is emerging as a new export market followed by Hong Kong.

Learning World-class Peach Cultivating Techniques from Everywhere


The cooperative was established in 2008 by about 140 member farms. Behind the achievement of the world-class peach cultivating techniques were the unremitting study and the tenaciousness to learn the advanced cultivating techniques from everywhere.


Choi Jae-won, head of the peach farm cooperative, said that learning the basics of cultivation is a first thing to produce high-quality peaches. "Over the last 20 years since the establishment, we have visited many peach orchards in advanced agricultural countries every year and learned a lot about shapes and types, and varieties of peaches, and cultivation techniques, and acquired our new cultivation techniques and know-hows through many discussions and research," Choi explained. According to him, the cooperative members visited places renowned as advanced peach farms, regardless of whether the places are in Korea or other countries, to see themselves how the peach farms produce high-quality peaches and improve their advanced techniques to be suitable for the domestic cultivation conditions. Such tireless efforts have finally come to fruition, and the cooperative is now producing top-notch peaches of its own and the peaches the cooperative produces were evaluated as the highest-quality peaches and first exported to Hong Kong in August, 2016.


Gyeongsan in North Gyeongsang Province Blessed with Perfect Peach Cultivating Conditions


Gyeongsan in North Gyeongsang Province is considered the best area to cultivate high-equality sweet peaches because the annual precipitation is low and a temperature difference between day and night is great. These geographical advantages help the farmers of the cooperative produce sweet peaches with a high level of brix, up to 19 on the brix scale.


The peach farm cooperative is working hard with the goal of producing the best-quality peaches such that consumers all over the world trust in its peaches and purchase the peaches without doubt. To this end, the cooperative makes tours for benchmarking five times or more every year, and invites experts in the field of peach cultivation and arranges education and training sessions for peach cultivating farms 14 times or more every year.


Further, the cooperative unifies the qualities of peaches individually produced by the 140 member farms to produce peaches of a consistent high quality, and reduces the production price of peaches to have more competitive price for export. What's more, the cooperative produces and distributes itself a large amount of some alternative chemicals needed to prevent winter diseases and pests. Compared to commercially-used agricultural chemicals, the alternative chemicals they made are more effective in terms of disease prevention and pest control with a less cost reduced by more than 40%, significantly increasing the price competitiveness for export.


Captivating Taste Buds of Consumers from Hong Kong to Taiwan


The peach farm cooperative has increased continuously the amount of export to Hong Kong, from the initial three tons of peaches shipped out to the country in 2016. The cooperative has recently constructed a stable foundation for producing the unified, high-quality peaches of the 140 member farms. It has also strengthened its sorting system to sort out high-quality peaches to be exported such that importers and overseas buyers recognize the peaches as a high-end produce, and is managing and controlling the quality more strictly.


Choi said that the commercial value of the peaches produced by the cooperative is highly recognized for their high sugar contents and excellent texture, and the cooperative has recently concluded a contract to export the peaches to Taiwan and has thus been pouring its energy for the export. The cooperative plans to expand the export through various efforts by participating local sampling events and related exhibitions in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and reinforcing the marketing strategies for local consumers there. According to him, the export contracts are on the rise due to the excellent quality of the peaches. With its success story of how the cooperative produces the world-class peaches and exports them abroad, the peach farm cooperative is getting more attention from other peach cultivating cooperatives.



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