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Let's Go On a Healthy Diet with Sinbad Diet Jelly
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(Title) Let's Go On a Healthy Diet with Sinbad Diet Jelly

It's getting hotter, and clothes are getting lighter and sleeves shorter, and belly fat hidden well in thick clothes during the winter is starting to stick out. Going on a diet is always easy to decide but difficult to stick to. A variety of snacks and munchies haunts dieters. Buying functional diet food is easy, but consuming it regularly is not that easy. So, an initially firm determination ends in failure. To help you with your abortive diet plan, Sinbad Co., Ltd. provides delicious and easy-to-eat diet products. Sinbad located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, produces functional diet food including diet jelly, and is drawing a great deal of attention from both domestic and overseas consumers.




Diet Products Approved by MFDS

The functional diet products of Sinbad include Body Confidence Jelly made with the skin extract of garcinia cambogia which is a tropical plant. The garcinia cambogia skin extract is known to help reduce body fat by inhibiting carbohydrate in food from being synthesized into fat when the food is digested. The diet jelly contains 750 mg of the garcinia cambogia skin extract per stick, and the garcinia cambogia content does not exceed the daily intake recommended by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of Korea. This is because an excessive intake of garcinia cambogia may do harm to liver and heart. The diet jelly also contains, as additional ingredients, calamansi concentrate known to have antioxidant and anti-ageing effects and be good for the excretion of body wastes, and green tea powder having catechin known to reduce the incidence of cancer.



Ailee Lee, CEO of Sinbad, introduced products of Sinbad that each one of all the ingredients in the Sinbad products is effective to such an extent as to be sold as health functional food, and has been used to make functional health food for so long. She continued, "So the safety of them is verified."


The diet jelly of Sinbad achieved certification by a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) system. The GMP certification is assigned by the MFDS of Korea to a product when it is produced and controlled according to the guidelines on the safety and effectiveness of food and drug, and the achievement of such certification is the proof of a reliable level of safety and quality of the product. The diet jelly is being sold as functional health food in some 2000 pharmacies in Korea.


Toothsome Diet Jelly



One of features of Sinbad diet products is that some of the products are provided in a jelly type which is a familiar and popular type of snack. By offering the jelly-type products instead of offering pill- or powder-type products which are generally used as diet supplements, Sinbad has improved availability and convenience of its diet products. The existing pill- or powder-type diet products are not convenient because they require water to be taken. So, here comes the story of how the easy-to-eat jelly stick is born. Ailee said, "I have a four-year-old kid and really sympathize with moms struggling with the dietary efforts after the delivery. Moms can get 10 to 20 kg on average during pregnancy, but they don't have much time to make special efforts to shed the gained weight while juggling work and motherhood. They may thus depend on easy and effective diet products. So, I came up with the diet jelly that moms can eat it like snacks faster and easier while taking care of their babies."


The diet jelly is as delicious as snacks. Ailee said, "Visitors to our booth at the overseas exhibition hosted by Korea Agro-Fisheries and Food Trade Corporation (aT) said that our products taste sweet and sour and are delicious, and they are not like medicine or pills at all, but are more of some snack made with lemon calamansi. They even doubted the effects of our products on dieting because the products are too much delicious as a functional diet food."



Dieting Effects Recognized from Abroad

The Sinbad products are currently being exported to seven countries including the US, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Cambodia, and Vietnam, and Sinbad expects the exports to reach about USD 2.56 million this year. In addition to the current exports, there are potential exports. Chinese buyers recently visited the company to make inquiries about the import of the Sinbad products. The export volume is expected to increase further as the products were approved as functional diet and health food by the Vietnamese government last April. Ailee painted a rosy picture about the prospect of future export. She said, "Sinbad is the only company in Korea that achieved the approval of Vietnam for the functional health food, excluding two American companies. As the popularity of our products in Vietnam is increasing day by day, we expect the exports to increase accordingly."


Ailee spoke of her aspirations that Sinbad is making efforts to develop other products in addition to diet jelly and make Sinbad a synonym for functional health food. The development of the substitutes for breakfast and coconut-enriched products is in full swing. She added, "Like Sinbad flying all around the world on a magic carpet in a fairy tale, we will make further efforts to be on the global market with a superb health food brand that people can trust and enjoy at ease."



Sinbad Co., Ltd.

TEL: +82-10-6368-1409

FAX: +82-70-4192-9988

E-Mail: ailee@fudi.co.kr



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